What is a magnetic field along with its caption

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A magnet is an object that is a unified and mutual attraction, but when a magnet in the back or figured out such a change is going to happen is going to happen at the end of the attraction is different and push the push on the same pole. The magnetic field is the strongest of a magnet which is at the tip end of a magnet. An example is the North Pole and the South Pole, the two poles of this if in hover with the name of the same pole then will drive but if in hover with the names of the different poles then results will mutually push.

Types of magnetic type

In addition to the magnet has an attraction on a different pole Magnets also have different types. Such as the following:
1. Magnetic Needle
2. The magnetic Bars
3. Magnet U
4. And others.

Basically, things that are metal or metal containers can transform into a magnet whether it's from a natural process or an artificial process. Well, how about a natural process, the natural process of a magnet can be formed because of the entry of the electric current from a lightning strike to the objects that contain metal with a certain precision produces a natural magnet usually would be very difficult to restore it again being a metal.

But different things with artificial magnet artificial magnet usually has a very low endurance and can be changed back to its original properties in a very fast. Well to make a homemade magnet is we only need to use a tool that is very simple.

1 way to make a homemade magnet:
  • The first way requires materials such as magnets and iron will in the magnet.
  • The first rub the magnet on the iron with one direction.
  • The rub is with slowly, from the bottom to the top don't get disconnected.
  • Do put it down to about can already attract other small iron objects.
  • When in a sense already strong artificial magnets that comes from the iron is ready for use.
2 ways to make artificial magnets:
  • The next way is to use a cable that is already in the open until cable appears, the battery is okay with not too high voltage and also an iron will make the magnet.
  • The first reasonable cable wound open on the iron will in the magnet, a twisted properly so that the result is maximum.
  • After the two ends connect to a twisted corollary to a battery that is already at the ready.
  • Leave it up to a few minutes.
  • Then try to hover the iron objects, if interested then usual iron last has become a magnet.
  • but for these type of magnets have the power only when electricity flows.
Although artificial magnet belongs to very quickly changed to its original nature as ordinary metal that does not pull, artificial magnets could be more strongly its appeal than a natural magnet. This is the one that is in use by man to facilitate his work, examples are like towing heavy goods using artificial contained on magnetic car hauler cargo, towing cargo, tools and much more.

In addition to the function to draw objects such as cargo, magnets can also generate electricity and produce energy in motion. This happens at Dynamo because there are two types of Dynamo that are electric and energy-producing producer motion. Well, an example of electrical generator bicycle Dynamo ontel is on who can turn on the lights when in the evening. Examples of energy-producing motion are at dynamo, dynamo sewing machines Tamiya (TOY car), grated coconut, electric, and many others. So the magnet can generate electrical energy from the energy of motion and vice versa, it is derived from a unified component in the component help also with the magnet that helped him.

The magnet very multifunction can generate motion energy and electrical energy, apart from its main function that is exciting and encouraging.

Title : What is a magnetic field along with its caption

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