The 10 Most Compassionate And Most Enchanting Movies Make you Cry

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the saddest movie recommendation makes you cry - Watching a movie can indeed arouse various feelings in our hearts. Starting from pleasure, fear, tension and also sad. In fact, some movie titles are able to make the audience late until shed tears. If you're looking for the saddest and most moving films, then our saddening film recommendations are worth following for you to watch!

Looking For The Saddest Movie That Can Drain The Tears? Let's Look At The Saddest Film Recommendations Of All Time In The Discussion Below!

1. The Best Of Me

the best sad movie of all time
The first sad movie we recommend you watch is The Best of Me. The film, directed by Michael Hoffman, starring James Marsden, Luke Bracey, Michelle Monaghan and Liana Liberto. 

The Best of Me itself tells about the relationship between Dawson and Amanda who had to split up after a bad incident struck Dawson. Until 20 years later, they miraculously reunited. It did not take long for the two to get close and start to feel the seeds of love that remained, even though Amanda was now married.

After experiencing enormous turmoil, Amanda finally determined to tell Dawson that she still has the same feelings for her former lover. However, it's all too late because Dawson has been gone for good. 

The Best of Me has recognized the quality and level of 
Cry, even Movieweb site also said that this movie is very sad and can make the audience teary-eyed.

2. Miracle In Cell No. 7

saddest movie drain tears
Miracle in Cell no.7 is often said to be the saddest Korean movie of all time. The film that tells about the relationship between parents and daughter has been successfully made thousands of spectators cried. Miracle in Cell no.7

The story alone focuses on a father who is accused of murdering and abusing a little girl, when in fact he is giving first aid to a girl who slipped and hit her head. However, the court did not believe and sentenced the guilty verdict and he was put in prison by cell number 7.

In the cell, the man is always worried about the fate of his young daughter. He began to tell what actually happened to the prisoners in cell number 7. Knowing that the prisoners of a cell with him felt unbearable and tried to find a way to bring the man to his beloved daughter. 

Funny acts accompany the efforts of the inmates who are trying to fulfill that goal. Until finally, the funny and fun movie story is changed drastically into a very sad and depressing movie tears. 

Curious about what happened to them? Simply download and see for yourself the story in the saddest movie from Korea that can make this cry.

3. One Day

10 Most Romantic Romantic Movies and Make Nangis
Movies adapted from the same novel by David Nicholls starring top Hollywood artists such as Anne Hathaway as Emma Morley and Jim Sturgess as Dexter Mayhew. One Day itself tells about the romantic relationship between Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. Despite having promised not to connect more than friends, but actually, they love each other. Over time, the two finally admitted their feelings and decided to get married.

Unfortunately, the happiness of Emma and Dexter's marriage did not last long, because afterward happened an unexpected thing that made Dexter have to live alone. Without the idol of the heart and the people closest to him forever. What really happened? Find the answer in a movie called One Day.

4. Grave Of The Fireflies

the saddest film recommendations of all time
If you like cartoons from Japan or anime, then Grave of the Fireflies or Hotaru no Haka becomes a must-see movie. The first movie in 1988 is undoubtedly the level of sadness. So sad, maybe you can still be made to cry even though already several times watching the movie. 

Grave of the Fireflies itself tells of the struggle of sisters to survive in the midst of a tragic second world war (after Nagasaki and Hiroshima were hit in a Nuclear bomb). With the main character is Setsuko the little sister who had to go through various difficult moments and see the cruelty of the world, and his brother who loves his brother and always try to protect him.

Although the graphics look pretty old school, the anime movie with a sad story is still exciting to follow. Very loss if you miss it.

5. My Mom

the saddest movie recommendation makes you cry about parents
Movies that tell of parents, especially Mother, it is easy to make the audience crying. And that's what you'll get from the movie titled 'My Mom'. 

In this movie, you will see the sincere struggle and affection of a mother. In order to protect her child, the mother often performs various actions that are sometimes tacky and make her child feel annoyed and embarrassed at the same time. However, behind it all actually, the mother has one goal, namely to make his son safe and successful far beyond him.
My Mom deserves to be called one of the saddest movies of all time. Guaranteed, if you seriously watch it, it would be crying or at least sad to see how sincere mother's love for their child.

6. Titanic

the sadistic movie recommendation makes you cry

Who does not know Titanic movie? You could say almost nothing. Yup, this 1997 release movie is still being aired on many local TV stations. Its popularity was not to be questioned because until now Titanic is still perched on the number 2 best-selling movie of all time. Just lost to the Avatar movie which was also directed by James Cameron. 

Titanic is a romantic genre movie and tragedy that is lifted from a true story. The film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is managed to describe the moment the ship Titanic (who supposedly cannot sink) hit an iceberg.

The terrible tragedy is told with romance spots between Jack Dawson (Leonardo) and Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate). The two lovebirds come from different social classes, which of course makes their relationship less than smooth as they should be. Then what happened to them? Will they survive the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic? Find the answer in this legendary film.

7. 500 Days Of Summer

the saddest and most romantic film recommendations
One of Marc Webb's best films stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom Hansen and Zooey Deschanel as Summer Finn. Film Genre romantic comedy, 500 Days of Summer actually has a simple storyline. As the narrator tells us, this film tells the story of a man meeting a woman. 

Tom Hansen who previously felt bored working in the office, became very eager to go to work after the presence of a beautiful woman named Summer Finn. Tom also began planning to approach Summer, until finally, they get closer. And unexpectedly, Summer apparently responded positively to Tom's efforts to approach him.

They both started walking together, dinner and even making out. However, it turns out that Summer only thinks of Tom as a friend, whereas Tom thinks there is something special between them. The story gets more and fussier when Tom finds out that Summer has a relationship with another man who is not himself. 

If you are looking for a romantic genre movie and can make a sad. Then 500 Days of Summer you should not miss.

8. Dear John

the saddest and most romantic movie
Dear John is a film adapted from the novel of the same title by Nicholas Sparks. The story of this movie focuses on John Tyre played by Channing Tatum and Savannah Lynn Curtis played by Amanda Seyfried. They both met the first time when John saved Savannah's bag that fell into the waters near the beach. 

Since that incident, the two of them are getting closer and starting a relationship of romance.Two weeks later, John, who worked as a special United States sergeant, had to go to his job. That is, he must leave Savannah to a very dangerous battlefield. For the sake of treating the longing, they both make an appointment to always send letters and always exchange news.

Initially, Savannah always replied to a letter from John. However, over time Savannah stopped sending letters to her lover and instead made a new relationship with her neighbor. Their relationship became more complicated when John returned from the battlefield and learned that Savannah had betrayed their love. 

A love story and loyalty to make the film titled Dear John is one of the saddest films that would be a very loss if you miss it.

9. A Moment To Remember

the saddest and most romantic movie
Here's a romantic movie from the next Korea that deserves the list of saddest movies of all time, namely A Moment to Remember. Initially, we will see a romantic and even witty encounter between the two main characters. The two characters are named Kim Su Jin, a beautiful heartbroken woman, and Choi Cheol Soo, a carpenter who works at Father Su Jin's place. 

Fate brings them together somehow by chance, which then keeps them in a continuing relationship in marriage. However, their marriage did not really end happily, especially after Su Jin suffered from Alzheimer's disease (a disease that attacks the brain slowly).

As a result of his illness, little by little the memory of Su Jin is erased, and even sometimes he does not recognize his husband and his family. To find out the full story, you can watch it yourself in this saddest movie.


The Most Irritating and Most Eager Movie Make Nasis
Another one of the saddest films raised from the true story, Hachiko. The story of this movie is actually very simple, which is about pet loyalty to the employer. In this film, there is a dog named Hachiko who keeps waiting for his master no matter rain and snowfall. In fact, his master was actually dead and certainly no longer able to meet him. 

Hachiko's loyalty made everyone who watched him saddened at the same time to his loyalty, even though he was only a dog. 
Thus the 10 most sad movie recommendations that can make people watching it touched and even crying. Of course, in addition to the 10 movies above, there are many more saddest movies that are not less baper and touching. If you want to add it, just write it in the comment field well.

Title : The 10 Most Compassionate And Most Enchanting Movies Make you Cry

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