Stop Downloading Videos and Images via Whatsapp Automatically

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Stop Downloading Videos and Images via Whatsapp Automatically
Cling ... a Whatsapp message gets into your smartphone, its image, and a video. While your phone hit by turbulence due to the capacity of the virtual safe is getting drained by the number of videos and images that automatically enter into the internal storage of mobile phones. Is there a way to stop downloading videos and images via Whatsapp automatically?

Of course, there is, and the way is not so difficult. For some people, the Whatsapp image and video downloading system are relatively annoying, especially since the user eventually finds a lot of image and video files that go into internal storage. And if you feel annoyed also with the feature, here's how to turn it off.

For Android-based Users

Whatsapp for the Android platform has buttons that help you stop downloading videos and pictures automatically. All you have to do is fulfill the procedure below. A little note, this way only applies to Android Whatsapp users version 2.17.427. So make sure your WhatsApp already has the latest version.

Open the Whatsapp app, and make sure you see the main app window where all the message recording is at the top of your phone screen. Then tap in the three vertical dots in the top right corner. You will see the Settings option there. Go to that section.
Afterwards, tap in the Data and Storage Usage settings section you will see the option marked  Media auto-download. There are three download options for image and video files, ie 'when using mobile data', 'when connected on Wi-Fi', and 'when roaming'. Tap one of the options to select one (or more than one) file types that can be downloaded automatically. Or ... you can remove all checks for any file type. Afterwards, WhatsApp will no longer download any file automatically.
To view an image file someone sends via Whatsapp, you must download it manually. When doing so, WhatsApp will save the file in a special folder. As a result, all types of images and videos will be visible in the Gallery app on your phone - including silly memes that you may have downloaded.

Even so how it works, you can still prevent the WhatsApp file downloads from appearing in the Gallery. Here's how:

  • Download the Quickpic app on the Google Play Store and open the app.
  • Navigate to the WhatsApp media folder. Folder locations may vary from one device to another, but they should be available at Internal Storage> WhatsApp> Media. From the 'media' window, there are three visible sub-folders, WhatsApp Videos, WhatsApp Images, and WhatsApp Audio.
  • Press and hold the WhatsApp Images folder to select a folder. Do the same for the other two folders.
  • After selecting all the existing folders, tap the three dot icon section at the top right and select the Hide option. This will ensure that all types of video and image files do not appear in the Gallery app on your phone.

For iPhone Based User

The trick is almost the same as Android-based phones, where you have to access the Settings menu by first opening the WhatsApp app.
  • Open the WhatsApp app and tap the Settings button on the right, and tap on the Data and Storage Usage section
  • In this menu section, you will see the Auto-Download Media option, the precision at the top.
  • Select the Never option for all Docs, Videos, and Audio files.
  • Easy is not it? After doing so, what will be inside your internal storage is only WhatsApp's image, document, or video you really want.

Title : Stop Downloading Videos and Images via Whatsapp Automatically

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