Reading WhatsApp Messages Already Deleted by Sender

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Reading WhatsApp Messages Already Deleted by Sender
It's been a while since WhatsApp adds a "Delete for Everyone" feature that allows a sender to delete any messages that have been sent before. This feature will be very useful, especially to avoid receiving recipients of the misplaced WhatsApp message or containing some uncomfortable content.

It's just that the deleted messages are completely lost from your phone? Some reports say that the deleted message WhatsApp (whether for the recipient or the sender of the message) actually stays on the phone - exactly in the notification log inside your smartphone device. And fortunately, the deleted message can still be accessed easily.

So what it takes to read deleted messages for recipients and readers is to access the traces of messages stored in the notification register inside the Android system. It does not seem so difficult.

How to Read WhatsApp Content Has Been Deleted

Simply, all you have to do is turn on your phone and start accessing the Google Play Store and find the right app for it. At this point there are several steps that must be done:

Use a third-party app called Notification History, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
After downloading and installing it properly, users can search for messages that have been deleted through Android notification log. Those who use party launchers when like Nova Launcher can even do it easily.
But without any additional apps, users can still access Android notification logs easily. Simply tap the home screen, then tap in the Widgets section. Activities> Settings> Notification Log. Afterwards, you can access the notification log system.

If you have a pure launcher from Android, the Settings widget can even grant access to notification logs inside the system.

Both of the above are easy to do and work well on some Android devices. Still, there are limitations. For example, only messages that have been read by both parties can be restored. Messages unread by the recipient cannot be restored or re-read using the above methods. Once your phone is restarted, the notification log will be cleared from the notes.

Another limitation is that this method will only show the first 100 characters of deleted messages. After all, this way will only work well for users who have Android 7.0 devices and so on. Last note: the user can only return messages in text form, and not in the form of images or video.

So you must study the limitations that arise when trying to restore text messages that have been deleted by the sender. The first and need to be underlined is the version of Android you use. If you still use the Android version less than 7.0, then certainly you will not be able to do the trick above.

Beyond this kind of trick, the Delete for Everyone feature is actually useful for minimizing misunderstandings, especially if you are mistakenly writing a message or sending a sentence that may cause misunderstanding. In larger frames, the feature is considered an additional feature that changes the WhatsApp landscape into a more appealing messaging app.

In the end, reading the deleted Whatsapp message is not as difficult as you might imagine. Perhaps you can also think of it as the most interesting discovery of WhatsApp after the 'Send Receipts' feature that marks two blue stripes, saying that your message has been read by the recipient.

Title : Reading WhatsApp Messages Already Deleted by Sender

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