Perform PDF File Compression and Reduce the Size

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Perform PDF File Compression and Reduce the Size
Some aspects of our lives require more compromise, and the one we want to talk about here is how we deal with large PDF files. Large PDFs usually give a lot of trouble to most people, because it requires compression of PDF files to optimize such file types.

There are several ways you can apply when someone wants to compress PDF files, although this depends on many things like the platform you use, your privacy needs, and the time you have. Outside there are of course many ways to compress PDF files, the first is to use an online compress tool.

Minifying PDF Files Online

The online file-based compression method is basically the easiest method to apply, although this option then comes with a greater risk. This is because the PDF file will be uploaded to a particular site server first. To avoid privacy violations, we recommend that you do not use this method to upload PDF documents that contain personal information such as site keywords and the like.

Beyond privacy issues, you get many options to compress PDF files, including here PDF Compressor, iLovePDF, and Smallpdf. The latter is called see be the best online PDF compression services that you can use. It's just that its use is limited, in other words, you can only upload two PDF files per hour.

While there are many online options for compressing PDFs, but you should still read how compression sites protect your privacy and whether the services it provides are legal or not. Once you are sure that the PDF compression site online is not harmful, then next you can perform the following compression steps:

Go to the selected site and immediately select the PDF file you want to upload. Some sites provide an option where users can drag and drop on selected files.
Wait until the site finishes compressing the file, and then you can search the download button. Some other sites may give you the option to download a compressed PDF file via email.
Compress PDF files on iOS or Android

Some of the online tools mentioned above can run on both computers and mobile devices. On Android, you can pull PDF files from internal storage or Cloud service. While on iOS, you can store compressed files in Apple-supported Cloud service, like Google Drive or Dropbox, and more like.

Use Adobe Acrobat to Compress

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free PDF reader application, but the optimization feature can only be obtained when you subscribe to Acrobat Pro. If you do not mind that way, you can do the following:
  • Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click Tools> Optimize PDF.
  • From the toolbar that appears above the PDF, select the Reduce File Size option.
  • To get more control, point the menu to Advanced Optimization. Then click Audit space usage to see which page elements take up more space.
  • When you're satisfied, click OK.
  • Go to File> Save As, and make one copy.
  • Free Option to Compress PDF?

Applications like 4Dts Free PDF Compress into a free Windows-based application option to choose from if Acrobat Pro option becomes too expensive.

Here's how to use it:
  • During the installation process, allow 4Dots to show Windows right-click menu.
  • Mark the location of the PDF file you want to compress, and right-click on the file.
  • Select Compress PDF.
  • Alternatively, you can reduce PDF files by opening the app
  • Open the app
  • Click the Add button, and select the file. You can also drag and drop through the app.
  • Select the storage folder, image quality, and press Compres

Title : Perform PDF File Compression and Reduce the Size

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