How to treat calluses

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How to treat calluses

Calluses on the woman are very disturbing because of the hand or foot is not smooth, but for admin, it's not what it is because it is proof that the woman is a hard worker (h3h3 admin love so) but the head does not h3h3 ya too severe. But if you are female or male models who don't like calluses then it's going to be a bully. Now calluses usually occur because the work is too much hands. Very annoying and disturbing work away if it is running. Now to address the following causes, how to cope and Treat calluses.

The cause of the occurrence of calluses

The cause of the occurrence of calluses is because the skin of the hands or legs scratched and exposed to enormous pressure to grow defense reactions such as making do a new layer for the powerful defense of the skin and skin inflate wrote in it There is water. This point is for the defense of the body on the skin so that it does not happen too much torn, usually, the cause is our because to beg, do pull up, climbing, running without the use of footwear/gloves and much more.

How To Resolve
To overcome this in order not to happen very easily by using the sockets with shoes and gloves, don't be too hard on while working. But if you're a hard worker to make it a habit to be one with the calluses of thy strong hand later on its own. For love playing ball don't play ball barefoot because it could cause calluses on the feet.

How To Treat
Treat calluses on the hands is to leave it alone if it is a large water bubbly don't just let it solve in normal again. Water bubbles on the hand is an example of the defense of the skin on the body so that not too much damage. For the feet, you can give the oil or ointment in order to return to normal.

Calluses not disturbing for hard-working, but very annoying to those doesn't like to work hard. To avoid calluses you should use shoes and gloves while working.

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Title : How to treat calluses

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