How To Overcome UC Browser Error or Unable to Open on Android

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UC Browser

For us internet users, certainly not familiar with the term web browser. This is a program or tool that makes it easy to surf the internet. Any information available on the internet can be easily accessed using this browser facility.

Not a few people today are using additional browser applications such as UC Browser. The reason they prefer non-default applications of the smartphone is because it is easier to use, fast and comfortable. UC Browser is one web browser that has enough users in Indonesia.

Tips for Fixing UC Browser Force Close and Not Connected
Because it has a simple look, fast and anti-advertising, no wonder this 2eb browser is one of the favorite options for everyone. But just like any other browser, UC Browser also can experience certain problems and errors such as, cannot connect or applications that can not be opened.

Well, in this discussion I will share an easy way to overcome the error UC browser, stuck or cannot be opened in android. UC Browser that feels heavy and stops abruptly due to the accumulation or buildup of junk files and the number of applications opened so that the RAM becomes full. And to solve the problem, please refer to the following explanation.

# 1. Delete UC Browser Cache

To clear the UC Browser cache you can either use the Cleaner app or do it manually via the application management feature. After you have cleared the cache, it's good to restart your Android smartphone. Please follow these guidelines for more details.

Please go to Settings menu  »Then Choose Application » Then Select Application Manager »Find" UC Browser "» next tap " Clear Cache ".

# 2. Clear UC Browser Data

By removing UC Browser data then it will return to normal because it is basically returned to the Default position. Temporary data such as application data, database, cache files, history etc. will be erased. Here are the guides and the steps.

Please go to Settings menu  »Then select Applications » Then select Application Manager »Search" UC Browser "» Next tap " Forced Stop " and " Delete Data ".

# 3. Update UC Browser

For UC Browser update you can do it on Google Play Store or other Market Store that exist on your Android smartphone. In this way, the bugs or damage will be lost and will also get updates related to the update either on the display or features. And please see the steps - steps to update the UC Browser below.

Please go to  Google Play Store »My Apps & Games » then search for " UC Browser " »next tap" Update "and  " Accept ".

# 4. Reinstall UC Browser

To reinstall UC Browser, you must remove the preinstalled application first. Next, clean up the junk files with the application cleaner for example and do a restart on your Android smartphone. After that install reinstall UC Browser application that you have. To Uninstall UC Browser, please refer to the following steps.

Please go to Settings menu  »Then select Applications » Then select Application Manager »Search" UC Browser "» Next tap " Uninstall ".

# 5. Use Other Browsers

If all the above options are not working, it would be nice for you to try using other Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Max. Often Google Chrome becomes the main choice because of its simple and lightweight appearance. In addition, Google Chrome is also able to display the Website with a perfect view and maximum. But it never hurts to try other browser alternatives.

That's all I can tell you about How To Easily Overcome UC Browser Error or Unable to Open on Android. Some tips and guides that I write above you can apply on your android device. Hopefully, the above tutorial can be an error solution that often occurs in UC Browser like force, close, cannot connect or slow. If there is a need to ask a bit of discussion that I submit above, please write the question in the comment field

Title : How To Overcome UC Browser Error or Unable to Open on Android

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