Caring for Hard Disk to Keep the Data Inside

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Caring for Hard Disk to Keep the Data Inside
Every laptop or PC owner must have understood that the hard disk is one of the most important components. Any type of data, text or images, and software must be stored on the hard disk. You definitely do not want the data on the hard disk is lost, because it becomes your soul.

Well, every PC and laptop owner should be able to back up,  upgrade,  rescue lost files, or increase hard disk storage capacity. In short, you can take care of your hard disk in certain ways. The goal is clear: so you can store more data while keeping your hard disk in good shape.

1.Delete the data entirely, until clean

There are many tool options that offer to cleanse of deleted data. Some of them will help you wipe the data thoroughly until the trail is not left on the hard disk. The essence is how to delete data until the net is not left. For Windows users, some applications such as Eraser, DeleteOnClick, and Wipe Files can be an option. When it comes to open source applications, Darik's Boot and Nuke is available for touching. The application helps you, especially on the conditions where you want to take advantage of a reconditioned hard disk.

2. Creating the hard disk Image

Backing up data ensures the security of stored data, but creating a  complete system image on an external storage ensures that everything from data, settings, applications, wallpapers, and so forth back into the system when something bad happens. Windows users can use some applications like DriveImage to create a hard disk image.

3. Change the hard disk to external storage

If you have an old PC with a large capacity hard disk, and at the same time you want to update your PC, then you can save more money by converting the hard disk into external storage. Changing the internal hard disk to external will provide storage space to back up the data owned.

4. Saves the stored system and data

When bad things happen to your hard disk, like missing data, unable to boot, and other panic-inducing situations, you need a number of applications to restore lost data. One of the best applications to find easily is Recuva, which can help store data from hard disks, iPods, SD Card, and more.

5. Install Drive independently

Most people will be billed by PC / laptop sellers, especially when they ask the seller to install a new hard disk. Although this option is not wrong, you can choose to install a new hard disk independently. There are many tips on the internet that will help you do that. Study all thoroughly, every step by step.

6. Backing up from the outside

The data in your laptop/computer is a collection of very important entities. Therefore do not get lost and do not forget to back up data. Now you can save more space on your hard disk by utilizing online storage services like Dropbox. Although the latter is not the best option, there are still other options like Time Machine that provide online storage platform for external hard disk users. Mozy and Carbonite can also be a pretty good solution option.

Title : Caring for Hard Disk to Keep the Data Inside

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