8 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Computer User Should Know

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8 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Computer User Should Know
Almost everyone agrees with one thing when using a computer: a computing device must be able to help users to increase productivity.

Using keyboard shortcuts can help improve the productivity of computer users like you. Keyboard shortcuts are provided to help you stay focused on the work being done, and also help to reduce unnecessary steps. For example, you only need to press a combination between Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy a series of text on the screen. This sort of shortcut is faster than moving your hand from the top of the keyboard, then blocking the desired text using the mouse, and choosing the "copy" command that appears in the file menu, then back to the keyboard again. And here are 8 keyboard shortcuts that we recommend to keep in mind:

1.Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert

This combination will help you move objects or text collected in the clipboard.

When you use an Apple computer, the Cmd + V command works with the shortcut.

2. Ctrl + Insert and Ctrl + C

Both commands share the same essence, helping you move the text that has been blocked elsewhere. If you want to move without leaving a trace in the original source (doing a "cut"), then use the Ctrl + X command. This latter combination will remove the text or object and store it in the clipboard.

Apple-based computer users can use Cmd + c for the same command.

3. Ctrl + F

The combination helps the user open a "Find", which in turn helps you to search for text that is being superimposed on any program that supports it. For example, the Ctrl + F command can be used in an internet browser (Chrome, and the like) to help find text on an internet page.

On an Apple computer, the Cmd + F command provides similar functionality.

4. Ctrl + Backspace or Ctrl + Right or Left Arrow

This one shortcut helps you remove full sentences in one execution. While holding the Ctrl key while pressing the right or left arrow at the same time will move the cursor to the starting point of the sentence or word you want to delete.

But if you want to highlight one word at a time, hold Ctrl + Shift, then press the right or left arrow. This is done to remove one word in a certain direction while highlighting each word.

As an additional note: this execution does not apply to Apple-based computers.

5. Ctrl + S

Pressing the Ctrl + S combination will help store work files in any program that requires you type letters and sentences, or is working using a program like Photoshop and the like. Use these shortcuts as often as possible to avoid loss of files (for example files not stored, etc.) because your computer loses power.

Use the Cmd + S command on an Apple computer to get similar commands.

6. Ctrl + P

This is used to open a print preview command on a page or document being viewed.

Use Cmd + P on Apple computers to obtain commands with the same usability.

7. Page Down, Spacebar, Page Up

Pressing down the page down or page up will move the program to the next or next page. When enclosing a site page, spacebar helps move the scrollbars to the bottom of the page. While the combination of Shift + Spacebar moves the scrollbar well to page one.

8. Ctrl-Home or Ctrl + End

Pressing Ctrl + Home means moving the cursor to the beginning of the document. And Ctrl + End will move the cursor to the end of the document. Both work well with any document type, as well as any site's pages.

On an Apple computer, the Cmd + up arrow command helps the user get back to the beginning of the document or text. Meanwhile, the Cmd + down-arrow combination helps the user get back to the end of a text or document.

Title : 8 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Computer User Should Know

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