6 Tips on the Internet that Need to Know

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6 Tips on the Internet that Need to Know
The Internet is not a new world for computer users. You may already be exploring hundreds of sites during your time in the digital world. Well, there are 6 tips you need to know related to the world is very broad and as if not unlimited it. Here's the list.

1.Users do not need HTTP: // to open a web page

It's simple but there are still some who do not know yet. When entering a site address, you do not need to type www or even Http: // in the browser bar you're using. For example, just type Pemmzchannel.com to find information about the computer or laptop that you need most. To speed up the process when visiting a .com page, you can also type Pemmzchannel and then press Ctrl + Enter. The browser window will automatically display the address of the site.

2. Recognize and memorize browser shortcuts well

There are dozens of different shortcuts that can be used in an internet browser. The list below will show some of them:

  • Alt + D or Ctrl + L to move the cursor to the address bar.
  • Ctrl + F to open the search box, to search for text within the page of the current site.
  • Ctrl + B to open the bookmarks that have been collected
  • F11 to open the browser in full-screen mode. Press F11 again to return to normal mode.
  • F5 or Ctrl + R help refresh the pages of the site
  • Backspace or Alt + left arrow to return to a previous page of a site
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and press + or - to decrease or increase the text size on the pages of the site. Press Ctrl + 0 to return the text to normal size.

3. Use the maximum potential of a search engine

You obviously often use search engines to find certain information. If you do not find what you want, then try putting quotation marks between the text. For example, if you are looking for 'drinking herbs' without quotes, then the outcome will be related to "drink" and "herbal medicine". However, if you are looking for "drinking herbs" with quotation marks in between, then the result is a search that matches the text. This will help you find what you want in an easier way.

4. Try an alternative browser

alternative browserMost computer users use the built-in browser that comes as an additional package from the installed operating system. When installing Windows 10, you will get Edge as your browser. Outside there are many alternate browser options available for free. They offer features that your default browser does not have. Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, UC Browser, are some of the alternative browsers you can try.

5. Install the plugin and make sure that the plugin is always updated

All of the alternate browser names mentioned above have large volunteer communities, which will help develop plugins and add-ons that can be added to the browser. Each of these browsers has hundreds of add-ons that can do things like show weather through the browser, change the look, and add other functionality into the browser. You should also ensure that both plugins and add-ons installed will always be up-to-date at all times.

6. Take advantage of tabbed browsing

Most of the miners offer convenience through tabbed browsing. This feature helps you while you're reading an article or browsing a particular site, where at any time you might find interesting links. Any links that lead to different pages can be opened in a new tab, and this way will not interrupt your activities in reading previous content. To take advantage of tabbed browsing, hold CTRL and left click on the link in question. When you use the mouse with the wheel, then click the link by pressing wheel. The new tab will then open and direct you to the link in question.

Title : 6 Tips on the Internet that Need to Know

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