5 Ways to Solve Problems On Laptops

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5 Ways to Solve Problems On Laptops
A laptop will experience extraordinary torture, many times more than would be accepted by a normal computer. Though you might just take your laptop from one room to another in the house, the torture would still be bigger.
With such conditions, do not be surprised if now many laptop manufacturers are competing to make a more formidable laptop, so that in the end laptop device can be resilient in any condition, even if he fell from the table and get a spill of milk on it.

A laptop may be made in such a way, to get a very sturdy construction. But on the inside, a laptop can be very fragile and ultimately slow the performance of the device. Lucky that some problems on the laptop can be handled easily, and basically some laptop problems can be fixed with an easy trick. Here we intend to reveal some easy tricks to address some specific problems that may arise on a laptop.

1. Laptops need more memory

Symptoms that arise when the laptop starts fussing and need more memory are: their performance decreases when used to run more than one application. In addition, a laptop will require a larger RAM bootup time is longer.

When that happens, then the user must perform an audit for a number of programs that run automatically when the laptop starts up. This is so that the laptop has more space to run itself quickly. So that users can still have control over programs that run when the bootup process begins, download some software such as System Suite 7 Professional, which provides 60 very useful tools, including optimizer and startup manager.

But basically, maybe this is the right time for you to add more RAM to the laptop so that the problem is resolved

2. Laptop battery is not durable

Symptoms appear when the laptop only runs a few minutes when removed from the power source. This usually happens when the laptop is old, which in turn makes battery resistance decrease. There is no other way than to replace a battery that has long aged. Replacing the old battery with a new one becomes a solution so that other hardware is not damaged due to electrical problems.

3. Hard disk slow

Symptoms include several signs, including the loading time of an old program and slow file transfer process. The only solution is to defrag the disk. Hard disk slow usually occurs because the hard disk takes longer to sort the existing data fragments. Slow disk readout process also usually occurs due to the emergence of bad sectors. defragging a hard disk into an easy solution, which can be done using a built-in Windows tool called Disk Defragmenter.

4. The laptop is too hot

Laptops that are too hot will cause crashes and freezes on laptops. The solution is to clean the air ducts, remove the dust attached to it, and insert the material to filter heat in the hot exhaust channels. You can also perform BIOS updates if they do not work well.

5. Laptops become very slow

This may be caused by viruses or malware that are nested in the operating system. Install anti-virus and anti-malware programs in safe mode (if you are a Windows user) and run a thorough checkup for your laptop. Problems with laptops caused by malware or viruses can actually be handled easily, provided you know the right software.

Title : 5 Ways to Solve Problems On Laptops

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