17 Ways to Reduce Minus Eyes

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17 Ways to Reduce Minus Eyes
For those of you who suffer from minus eye, surely will find ways to reduce eye minus so that vision can return to normal. Having a minus eye does make some things limited, such as exercising. Below will be described some ways to reduce the mins eye that the author gets through his own experience or read books and articles on how to reduce the minus eye that has been circulating in the market.

The human eye is essentially created for hunting, looking at distance and other activities related to nature, because this is the human eye able to change the level of focus very quickly. But as time goes by, the human eye is forced to work more in an environment that keeps the eye looking at a common point for long periods of time, for example, students who are required to read many books. This causes the eyeball to become rigid which ultimately makes the eyeball unable to change back its focus power, the result is suffering from minus eye.


In addition to the above, there are also some causes of eye minus, namely:

Ethnic Factors.
The result of the research found that the percentage of eye sufferers of minus is mostly found in Asian people that is 70-90%, secondly in Europe or America that is 30-40%, and the last in African people is 10-20%.

Older people who have longer eyeballs (eyeballs in minus eyes are longer than normal eyeballs) will usually have offspring that have longer eyeballs as well.

Bad habits.
This is the main cause we suffer from minus eyes, given that most people are born with normal eye conditions. Examples of bad habits that result in eye minus, namely: reading while lying down, looked at the tv/computer screen too long, looked at an object in a long time without looking away, lacking enough nutrition on the eyes.

Sometimes the wrong handling when suffering from an illness or consuming too much of a drug can worsen the vision. Certain diseases may also cause decreased vision power, such as glaucoma disease.


1. Eat foods that provide nutrition to the eyes, especially eye supplements.

How to reduce eye minus this is the most profitable way because the results are useful for the health of your body, not just for the eyes only. The eye needs vitamin A, β-carotene, vitamin E, zinc and various other nutrients to work properly. Maintaining eye health requires a high enough nutritional intake so it is rather difficult to be met by daily food and should be supported by supplement intake such as:

Supplement Calcium and Vitamin A high absorbency and high quality.
Organic Zinc Supplements are safe for the body
Supplement β-carotene and vitamin E high quality (Vitaline)

Daily food to maintain eye health:
  • Carrots, rich in vitamin A and β-carotene.
  • Salmon, rich in omega-3s.
  • Avocado, rich in lutein.
  • Cholies and Spinach, containing lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C.
  • Eggs, containing lutein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, and protein.
  • Tomatoes, rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and lycopene.
  • Oysters, rich in zinc (zinc).
If you have difficulty getting complete nutrition, it is advisable to increase your intake of nutrients by taking supplements.

2. Remove the glasses when not needed.

When using eyeglasses, the eye will get used to focusing on the lens center (the center of the glasses), causing the eye muscles to become stiff because the eyeballs rarely move to look the other way. You can try to prove yourself when using glasses, you will move your neck more to look around you than moving your eyeballs. In addition, by removing the glasses, then you will also reduce the dependence on the glasses.

3. Frequently replace your view object.

If you often stare at one object for a long time, it will make your eye muscles become stiff, therefore change the visible object frequently, for example: after staring at the computer screen, take your gaze to your window or home page for a few moments, then again staring at the computer.

4. Often staring at distant objects, especially the green ones.

Objects that are green are believed to have a positive impact on the eyes, so try to occasionally go to the mountains to look at the trees. If deemed impossible because of time limitations, often staring at objects that are far enough distance to rest your eye muscles.

5. Train your eyes by looking at moving objects.

How to reduce eye minus this one can be done by looking at the vehicles that pass on the highway, but if it feels less comfortable or dangerous, you can replace it using a ping pong ball wrapped on a thread. Look at the ping pong balls swung from a distance not too close to your eyes.

6. Get used to set aside 15 minutes every hour to break eyes

If the routine requires you to often stare at the computer screen, make it a habit to rest your eyes with a view at a distance of at least 15 minutes per hour. This will greatly prevent the rise of ymind'sinds eye.

7. Make a betel leaf therapy.

Betel leaf has a variety of properties, one of which is to remove dirt, treat irritation, deadly germs, and fungi on the eyes. The way to do betel leaf therapy is:
  • Take 2 pieces of betel leaf.
  • Wash clean (do not boil it because it will remove the substances contained in it).
  • Paste it on the eyelid before bed (can use the aid of plaster to stick to the eye).
  • In the morning, loose betel leaves and wash your face.
8. Do wax therapy.

Wax therapy can be used to help the eyes remove impurities through tears. Ways to do wax therapy are:
  • Take 1 candle and turn it on.
  • Look at the candle without much blinking until your eyes are a lot of tears.
  • Do about 4x a week.
9. Do gymnastics.

Gymnastics is very well done because it can train the flexibility of the eye muscles, other than that this way is a way of reducing the eye of the most popular minus and the fastest feels the usefulness. The ways to do eye gymnastics are:
  • Look straight ahead.
  • Gently move the view upward and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Eyeball movement back to center and keep for 10 seconds.
  • Do also point no.2-3 to go down, right and left.
  • After point no.4 is done, do rotate your eyeballs 360 ° clockwise for 2x.
  • Eyeball movement back to center and keep for 10 seconds.
  • Do point no.5, but this time the opposite is clockwise.
  • Rest your eyes with eye palming techniques.
  • Do it in the morning and evening.

10. Rest your eyes using eye palming techniques.

This technique can help your eyes to rest and is well used after you do eye exercises. The way to do eye palming techniques is:
  • Rub your hands until they feel slightly hot.
  • Close both eyes and cover with your hand (not to press the eyeball).
  • Keep no outside light coming in.
  • Do it a few times until your eyes feel relaxed.
  • You can do this eye palming technique whenever your eyes begin to feel tired.
11. Compress with warm water.

One way to reduce the minus eye that most writers like is this one way. By compressing the eyes using warm water makes the eyes become relaxed so that the red veins on the eyeball become lost. The trick is as follows:
  • Take a clean little towel.
  • Soak with warm water (rather hot does not matter if you do not make the skin blister).
  • Paste it on the eyelid while lying down.
  • Repeat several times, the results will be immediately felt, tired eyes will be refreshed again.

12. Sports.

Exercise keeps your blood flowing smoothly so that nutrients can be properly channeled into the organs of the body in need. But if you suffer from a fairly high eye minus (above 5), it is advisable not to exercise a lot of your eyes (make the eyeballs to spasms) like lifting heavy weights. It can make the lens of the eye released from the eyeball ( Ablasio Retina ) causing blindness. Use a more relaxed yet useful sport such as: aerobics, biking, jogging, and swimming.

13. Sunbathing.

Bask well in the body gets vitamin D intake, but do it only in the morning. Close your eyes and gaze into the sun until your eyeballs feel warm. Do also neck exercises when you do this so that the blood circulation to the head becomes smooth.

14. Massage the dots around your eyes.

By massaging the acupuncture points around your eyes will help the eyes become more relaxed and blood circulation around your eyes.
  • acupuncture points on the eyes
  • Acupuncture Points In Eye
15. Avoid the food below.

Just as good nutrition will help your vision to be healthier so bad nutrition will aggravate the condition of your eyes. Foods to avoid are:
  • Food or beverages that contain caffeine, such as coffee.
  • Food or drink containing alcohol.
  • Foods or drinks that contain lots of sugar, such as candy, ice cream, canned drinks, and others.
  • Dairy foods or drinks.
  • Frying.
  • Cigarettes.

16. Drink 3 combinations of fruit below.

How to reduce eye minus this one proved to make one friend of the author recovered from suffering from minus eye, after doing this therapy regularly for 6 months, minus 4 he suffered completely recovered, but his age has almost stepped on 40 years. The trick is:
  • Prepare the beets (high-quality beets are red and taste sweet, not bitter like commonly used for vegetables), star fruit and carrots.
  • Each fruit in juice separately using juice extractor (juicer that is able to separate the pulp and juice), may use only a little water to juice completely pure.
  • Try to use the fruit sufficiently so that the resulting juice is usually ± ¼ of a drinking glass.
  • Drink beet juice first, new starfruit, and lastly a new carrot.
  • Do therapy in the morning and evening.

17. LASIK surgery.

If all the ways to reduce eye minus before you try and do not give satisfactory results for you, then how to reduce this minus eye you can take a lthest step. You should consult a trusted eye doctor before taking the means to reduce eye minus this, considering the risks and costs incurred is not small.
  • So presumably tips and ways to reduce eye minus that we convey, presumably how to reduce the eye minus above can help you.
Caution: how to reduce eye minus above requires regular exercise and sufficient time before the results can be felt, therefore if you do not feel the benefits after practicing how to reduce eye minus above, we recommend that you do not quickly despair, but continue to do the way reduce eye minus because at least can prevent the minus on the eyes getting worse.

Title : 17 Ways to Reduce Minus Eyes

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