What to Do when Cleaning the PC

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What to Do when Cleaning the PC
Dust, germs, and bacteria that accumulate in electronic devices like computers is something that most PC users do not want. Therefore it is important for you to clean your PC at least once a week.

What is needed to clean the PC?
  • compressed air cans
  • clean cloth
  • micro-fiber cloth
  • special cleaning fluids for electronic devices
  • small vacuum cleaner

# 1 Cleaning the PC and the Case

Just like a PC case (or PC tower), parts like the keyboard, mouse, and monitor need to be cleaned regularly. Dust is the PC's biggest enemy, and the cooler in the case of PC will be quickly covered in dust when you put the PC on the table. The problem is even more complicated when your floor is tiled with ceramics instead of carpets.

Some types of PC cases have removable filters, which basically make it easy for the owner to clean it. At this point, you need a vacuum cleaner. This tool is enough to get rid of the dust that sticks inside the case. Before doing so, make sure the computer is off.

water can
Examples of compressed air cans to get rid of dust
Be careful not to use the vacuum too close to the PC cooler (especially fan-based) for too long, because the rotating fan will be damaged too long. You can put a pencil between the fan blades to prevent the fan from spinning due to a vacuum blast.

When used, the PC owner can open the case, then remove the fan from the CPU and clean it with a cloth. The same way can be applied to clean the CPU fan and graphics card. Just do not remove the other components from the place. Use compressed air cans to remove dust from components inside the PC case. Furthermore, never spray the air cans into the power supply, and do not try to disassemble the power supply. Spray the contents of the air cans on the top of the power supply to get rid of the dust that sticks.

Next, you can clean the outside of the PC using a clean cloth. If you want to use a special cleaning fluid, try first in a small area to ensure that the liquid used does not damage plastic or metal. Use compressed air cans to clean any kind of ports that are outside and inside the PC.

# 2 Cleaning the keyboard

The keyboard is a type of hardware that is vulnerable to dust and germs. We've already discussed two methods of cleaning the keyboard completely, and you should not have any trouble when you want to clean it up.

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# 3 Cleaning Mouse

The days where the ball mouse is still used in most mouse products have gone by. Now all types of mouse use an optical sensor. Well, germs and dust can develop in the sensors and cause tracking problems. Use a clean cloth to clean the entire surface of the mouse's optical sensor.

The top of the mouse is the location where germs and bacteria are left behind, and it would be wise for you to use anti-bacterial spray. Use a cleaner that is only intended for electronic components.

# 4 Cleaning the PC monitor

You can use a clean cloth to clean most computer monitors (as well as TV monitors). There are many liquid cleaning products, LCDs, and fabrics, which are sold in computer accessories stores so you will not find any difficulty when looking for them.

LCD monitor cleaner
Special liquid LCD cleaner
The micro-fiber cloth is the ideal type to clean the computer screen. This type of fabric helps prevent scratches on the screen and is an effective type of cloth to remove dust and fingerprint traces. Do not press the LCD screen too hard when cleaning it, as it will damage the LCD panel.

Title : What to Do when Cleaning the PC

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