Tricks Window Program Settings in Windows

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Tricks Window Program Settings in Windows
For You Windows users as the operating system on their desktop or laptop may have used the feature of setting this one window program for your multi-tasking needs. One of the most common is to place 2 windows on the left and right side of the screen so you can work in 2 programs at once. Actually, there are 4 hidden window settings that we can find starting from the Windows 7 version, let's see what it is!

1. Aero Snap for side-by-side window

This Aero Snap feature will make a window take the left and right half of your screen automatically, so you do not have to divide, resize, and move the window manually again. To enable  Aero Snap, simply press the Windows key and the left or right arrow key on your keyboard, then the active program window will move and fill part of the screen according to the command. you can also activate Aero Snap by clicking on the title bar window, hold click while dragging the window to the screen edge to the left or right of the screen. You will also see a transparent preview that will model the size and shape that will be generated if you release a click window in that area.

2. Maximize, Restoring, Minimizing

In addition to clicking on the Maximize or Minimize icon that is usually in the top right corner of the window, the Maximize function can also be activated by drag & drop window title bar to the top of the screen, when the transparent preview screen appears, release mouse click and the window screen will fill the whole screen. Restoring, you can return the window size to the size before you maximize it by drag & drop the title bar window and release clicks outside the top area of the screen.

While on the Keyboard Shortcut, you can press the Windows key and the up arrow key ↑ to maximize Windows or the Windows key and down arrow key ↓ to restore the window to its original size. Repeat by pressing Windows key and down arrow ↓ to minimize the window to the taskbar.

3. Cascade, Stack, or Tile window

If you right-click on the taskbar, you will see 3 window management options:  Cascade windows, Show windows stacked, and Show windows side by side. The Undo option will also be present once you have activated one of these 3 options.


The Cascade window feature will make all open windows appear in cascade, so you can only see each title of the window clearly.


Then the Show windows stacked feature will make an open window view will accumulate from top to bottom, without closing the view of each window. For those of you who have widescreen may be less suitable because the display of each window to be short, but who knows PemmzHolics require this function as an opportunity.

3.Tile window

A more interesting and much functioning feature may be this one,  Show windows side by side. By clicking this option Windows will automatically set each open window to fill all the areas on your screen side by side from left to right. Similar to Aero Snap but this time you can open 3 or more screens at once. For those of you who have a widescreen (wide), this will be very useful for your multitasking activity that every window you cannot leave from eye view.

4. Setting the window position through Task Manager

Unfortunately, the window settings feature through task manager has been removed from the Windows 8 version so PemmzHolics cannot run the following trick on Windows 8.

You can open Task Manager with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Select Windows menu in Task Manager then you can choose Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically. Uniquely, this option applies the look of each window in a different way than the options on the taskbar. Tile views in both options here allow open windows as many as appear on your screen.

Task manager

On the Applications tab, you can set any window option that you want to display in tile. After selecting the window, just right click and select the desired Tile option, vertical or horizontal.

Various functions above may be rarely we use in everyday activities in front of the computer, except Aero Snap feature that is widely used by Windows users. Tile features etc. can be very useful especially if PemmzHolic has a large screen, so all the windows will look the same and you will never miss the view of every important window.

Title : Tricks Window Program Settings in Windows

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