Trick Two Methods to Clean Your PC Keyboard Completely

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Trick Two Methods to Clean Your PC Keyboard Completely
Most computer users do not realize that devices like the keyboard need to be cleaned periodically. Maybe you are the kind of person who never cleaned the PC keyboard, but this one device can be home to dust and bacteria. That's why cleaning the keyboard becomes an important job. Here we will give you tips on how to clean the keyboard completely.

Preliminary notes: The steps below are intended for PC keyboard owners, and not laptop keyboards.

Clean PC Keyboard from dirt, Dust, and Bacteria

It has been mentioned above, that the PC keyboard is a friendly hive for a number of germs that are not visible to the eye. A keyboard can even be contaminated with bacteria, and much dirtier than a toilet in your house. Cleaning the keyboard thoroughly can help get rid of bacteria and keep the keyboard working as it should.

Then how to clean the PC keyboard procedure right?

Before performing a cleaning procedure, turn off the computer and remove the keyboard from its place (especially if you are using a USB keyboard). This is to avoid the problem where you most likely press the keyboard button that does not want to be pressed, which will inadvertently perform tasks that you did not command.

Most people choose to clean the keyboard by flipping it and shaking it in such a way that the dirt falls to the floor. In order not to be too much trouble, use a small air compressor to get rid of dust on the sidelines of the keyboard keys. Such compressors are usually tin-shaped, in which there is compressed air. So a kind of practical spray cans can be used anywhere.

Using it is very easy. Use the can of the compressor, and shoot the in-between space between the keyboard keys. Press the spray button on the tin to get rid of dust and germs that nest at that point. In addition to using a compressor can, you can also use a small vacuum cleaner, but you should do it carefully so that no small components inside the keyboard do not get sucked in.

Cleaning PC Keyboard 2 PCN Tips

Separate the keys from the keyboard body if you want to clean the keyboard more carefully.
After removing the dust and dirt, use a sprayed cloth with an anti-germ spray or keyboard cleaning fluid. Use the cloth to clean the remaining germs that may be sticking on top of the keyboard keys. Never spray any liquid directly onto the keyboard.

What If The Liquid Spills on top of the Keyboard

cleaning PC keyboard that is exposed to water PCNOne time you may spill liquid (cola, Pepsi, beer, tea, milk, coffee, wine, etc.) onto the keyboard. Disaster occurs when it happens, which is why you need to be careful when cleaning it. One step will destroy your keyboard.

If there is a certain liquid spilled onto the keyboard, then the first thing to do is turn off the computer immediately or immediately unplug the connection between keyboard and computer. Afterwards immediately turn the keyboard to prevent fluid from entering the circuit inside the keyboard. Shake the keyboard when it is in reverse position so that the liquid drops onto the surface below it. Clean the keyboard keys with a clean cloth, in position the device is still upside down. Afterwards leave the keyboard overnight in the same position. This is done to dry the device.

When it is dry, continue the cleaning process to get rid of any residual fluid that may still be left. But if the keyboard still feels wrong (in the sense still dirty and sticky) after performing the procedure as described above, then release the keyboard keys and clean the area beneath it, up to the corner of the keys.

Benefits of Dishwashing Machine

If afterward, the keyboard is still working but still dirty, you should wash the keyboard using a dishwasher. When this method is selected, then do not use any dishwashing soap and use the 'rinse only' mode. Avoid using pan, pots, or heavy wash, or setting with excessive heat. Wash the keyboard on the top shelf and do not place anything there except the keyboard. Do not forget: this washing method only applies to keyboards made of plastic.

If the latter method does not work, then we recommend you to replace the old keyboard with a new one.

Title : Trick Two Methods to Clean Your PC Keyboard Completely

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