How To Whiten Teeth

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How To Whiten Teeth - In general, the main cause of yellow teeth is due to bad habits such as drinking coffee, drinking tea and smoking but rarely brush teeth. The content of nicotine in cigarettes,  tannins in tea and caffeine in coffee is the biggest cause of yellowing of teeth.

Having yellow teeth is certainly not something fun. In addition to being able to reduce the confidence when talking to someone, yellow teeth certainly indicate our teeth are not healthy. For that, it needs immediate handling to overcome this.

The easiest and quickest way to cope with yellow teeth is to come to the dentist and clean the tartar. But of course, it costs not cheap.

Before you decide to come to the dentist, maybe the following natural way can be a cheap alternative that you can try to restore the color of your teeth to a clean white. Here is how to whiten yellow teeth naturally.

How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

1. Brushing Teeth
Brushing regularly is the best way to keep teeth clean. But if the teeth are already yellow, special toothpaste is required.

2. Siwak
Siwak has long been known as a tooth cleanser long before any toothpaste. Wearing siwak or miswak is one way to whiten teeth.

3. Orange Peel
the content of vitamin C contained in orange peel can be used to whiten teeth. How to use is quite simple, just rub the inner orange peel (white color) on the teeth. Do it regularly every day and teeth will be white naturally and quickly.

4. Eating fruits and vegetables
Consuming fruits and also useful as a natural ingredient of teeth whitener

5. Baking soda
Baking soda is also known to remove the stains found on the tooth layer

6.Stop smoking
Are you a smoker? If so, stop smoking immediately because the content of nicotine in cigarette smoke can make your teeth yellow

7. Betel nuts
Betel nuts also become one of the natural ingredients to whiten teeth. How to use it by burning betel nut to charred and then smoothed until soft. The fine betel nut is then rubbed into the tooth using a coir or cotton cloth.

8. Milk and yogurt
Calcium found in milk and yogurt in addition to beneficial to strengthen teeth is also useful for whitening teeth.

Well, that's 8 ways to whiten yellow teeth naturally, if the above you've tried and the results remain nil, maybe you can use toothpaste products. Whitening toothpaste products are usually very powerful to restore the natural white color of teeth due to smoking, congenital birth, and other causes. Thanks for reading How To Whiten Teeth.

Title : How To Whiten Teeth

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