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How to Whiten Skin - Having a white and radiant face is a dream for everyone, especially women. For a woman would want to have a white face and clean to increase confidence when appearing in public. Now many are spending a lot of money just to whiten the face to look more perfect.

Many of us who prefer to whiten face quickly through white injections or taking drugs to whiten facial skin. But actually you do not need to bother like that, simply by following the quick way to clear your face with a natural way already looks useful. in addition to cost-effective, also minimize infection against drugs or other harmful materials that can cause harmful side effects.

It's been a lot of ways to whiten the face, whether it's on the internet, books, magazines and so forth. but the most frequently used way is by doing skin therapy in the click-a beauty clinic, but for those of you who prefer to treat your own face using natural ingredients, you can follow the tips we will share to you.

It turns out not carelessly if you want to take care of the skin, there are several types of facial skin that you should know. the first is normal skin at a standard level, this one skin is rarely a problem. how to whiten and its maintenance is also quite simple by maintaining its moisture alone.

Well for the second type of skin, is a type of oily skin, this type of skin is very susceptible to skin diseases such as acne that easily arise at any time, so the treatment was more difficult that is to wash your face every day with the support of certain facial care.

This third type of skin is dry skin, this skin type more to keep moisture that is by way of special moisturizer to keep skin white and clean. If you already know about the types of facial skin, then it's time to try to whiten the body according to your skin type below.

How To Whiten Facial Skin And Body With Natural Materials

1. Using Potatoes
The trick is to scrub the potatoes until smooth, then squeeze the potatoes to get the juice. Then take the sari and then apply on the area around the face or other body parts. then let stand first for approximately 20 minutes and then wash using warm water and forwarded with cold water. This method is very effective if you apply it regularly, ie just before you sleep. Use of this potato material is perfect for once for those of you who have normal skin types.

2. With Lime
Inside the lemon is a good antioxidant content for skin health. Lime is also useful to shrink pores and remove acne scars on the facial skin.

How to use it is you have to prepare one lemon and one chicken egg. Lime is squeezed then the juice mixed with egg white. Then put it on the face the mixture evenly on the skin area. Let stand approximately 20 minutes then wash your face clean with warm water. How to whiten facial skin with this method is very good for those of you who have the type of oily skin. you can also use special honey for this skin type.

3. Using Yam
It is no stranger to hear the word yam, yam fruit rich in vitamins B and C are a very important role to whiten and to keep skin clean, clear and more beautiful appearance for women.

The trick is very easy that is by grinding yam fruit and squeeze for the sari. after that, saris that have been collected then leave it first so there are deposits in the sari.

Well, this sediment is used as a natural face mask for your skin care, then let it last for about 15 minutes. then rinse with water until clean. if you regularly do this way then your clean white dream is not a dream anymore. This method is suitable for you who have dry skin type. In addition to yam fruit, you can also use other natural ingredients such as bananas and avocados.

4. Using Milk
Milk is a rich source of calcium. In addition to calcium, milk also has an important function in regulating skin color. milk works stimulate melanocytes, skin cells that produce melanin pigment. by consuming milk can help prevent its disappearance of moisture content on facial skin. This can prevent dry skin which can cause skin color to the dark face. Milk also contains lactic acid which reduces pigmentation of the skin which makes the skin feel lighter. Milk can also be used to whiten underarm skin quickly.

How to Use it by preparing a cup of cow or goat milk is still warm and clean cloth. Soak a duster into the milk, take a washcloth and then wring it out and then gently rub the cloth onto the skin. Dip again and rub gently, repeat this process approximately four to five times. If you are consistent in doing this then the results will be visible within a few weeks. This method is suitable for dry skin types.

5. Using YOGURT
It turns out Yogurt is rich in lactic acid and also has skin whitening properties that treat hyper-pigmented skin by suppressing melanin production. The acidic acid contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). AHA itself serves to cleanse and also remove dead skin cells and can brighten the face. you can get yogurt in the nearest supermarket.

How to use it is also quite easy, pour yogurt (plain, buy a flavorless) to the container. then apply evenly on your skin with soft massages. Leave for 4-5 minutes then rinse with warm water. You can repeat this step every day to get maximum results.

Well, that's somehow to whiten the face and body with naturally you can try at home, maybe one of the ways that we write in this article there that fits with your skin type. if you've tried it and still not succeed, maybe our product recommendation below can be another option worth trying. Thanks for reading How to Whiten Skin.

Title : Very smart Tips How to Whiten Skin 99% Works

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