How to Overcome Insomnia

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How to Overcome Insomnia

Sleep is a vital need for our bodies. Lack of sleep or get a sleep that is not qualified will make our body health is disrupted. Seseoarang who lack sleep will increase the risk of heart disease which is the number 1 killer disease in the world.

In addition, if we do not sleep in 3 days, it will disrupt the work of hormonal and metabolic systems in our body. But there are times when starting to sleep becomes difficult for some people because of insomnia. This time we will share tips on how to overcome insomnia to sleep you more qualified and healthier body.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is an insomnia disturbance of the night. A person with insomnia will have an irregular sleep cycle. Because of this insomnia, many people are more susceptible to disease attacks.

Causes of Insomnia

There are several factors that cause insomnia, such as stress or excessive worry, misuse of drugs, too much nap, often consume food/drink stimulant. then if how to overcome insomnia is difficult ?. In fact not, it is even easy to cope with insomnia provided it is done consistently and earnestly.

Here are 9 ways to overcome the easy and effective insomnia that we quote from several sources.

How To Overcome Insomnia Easily and Effectively

1. Taking sleeping pills

The simplest way would be by taking sleeping pills, but it is advisable to consume herbal medicine because of course, chemical drugs can cause side effects for health if in consumption for the long term.

2. Choosing the right decorating colors

Decorating colors play an important role in one's psychology. People will feel more comfortable and calm if the nature of the room colored in accordance with the colors they like. As a suggestion, you can choose a light blue and light green. Because the color of this one is more calm, relaxation, fun, peaceful, and full of hope. In addition to lighting, we can choose the lights are dim and calm as a cream color for those who can not sleep without lights. But if you want more effective, turn off the room lights to sleep faster and wake up fresh.

3. Select the appropriate mattress

Having trouble sleeping one of them can also be caused because the mattress is not appropriate guys. Like if your mattress is new, the mattress is too tight and much more. Make sure the mattress you use to sleep is comfortable and does not excess pressure on the body. to check it please you lie on the mattress. Then when you lie feels like standing, the mattress is comfortable. A comfortable mattress is not only able to eliminate insomnia, but the comfortable mattress is also good to support the bone and prevent disturbances in the back.

4. Reduce excess light

According to one health journal originating in the United States, about 40% of the country's population has trouble sleeping due to sparkling lights. Even the survey also mentioned that 10% of people who sleep with lights on, they will be more at risk of certain diseases. Therefore reducing the light of the lamp can be a way of overcoming insomnia that is difficult to sleep effectively. If necessary turn off your sleeping lights in order to get a better sleep. Also note also the window curtain that is in your room, make sure the curtain is always closed to light from outside the vehicle does not cause your sleep to be disturbed.

5. Move the clock

The clock in the room is good enough to remind us when time to sleep, but about 50% of people have trouble sleeping due to the wall clock, especially for large wall clocks.

Therefore, moving the wall clock to another place can also be a way to deal with effective sleepless insomnia, but if you are a disciplined person, please replace the clock with a smaller size and do not sound like no tik I have.

6. Electronic devices

So busy we are in the world of work, we often put some electronic equipment in the bedroom. Like for example television and computer. Although not turned on, electronic devices are still just causing trouble sleeping at night. Not only the two tools Electronic that you need to keep away, but the gadget or mobile phone should also be your immediate move. Because now a lot of people who bring their gadgets to sleep. The existence of this phon, in my opinion,n is very disturbing because when incoming messages will be the phone will sound. Although it is turned off, sometimes the light from the phone makes us want to play it for a while.

7. Keep tidiness

How to cope with insomnia next is to maintain the neatness of the bed. Indeed neatness is trivial, but for a man, it is the most extraordinary thing. Because very rarely a man is able to maintain the neatness of his room. Some experts from the University of Havard argue that messy men's room makes them more at risk of insomnia by 25% than the general public. Therefore, eliminating insomnia can also be done by tidying up the bed. Such as tidying up clothes, tidying up bed linens, and so forth.

8. Keep the air fresh

Air freshness is very important in determining the quality of your sleep. dirty and polluted air is very bad for sleep quality, can even cause respiratory system disorders. It's important that you always keep the air fresh. If your room is tightly closed, please open a small window for fresh oxygen to enter the room. Better still if you also overcome insomnia with an air purifier. By using the tool for 30 minutes, you will get the actual sleep quality.

9. Do not eat before bed

Eating is trivial, but I suggest you do not eat 45 minutes before bedtime. Because when the food you consume into the body, the stomach will be more active in digesting the food. So emerged symptoms of insomnia or difficulty sleeping. It is better you avoid eating at least 60 minutes before bedtime. Instead, please consume 4 glasses of water only.

10. Avoid consumption of caffeine

Coffee is not good for your sleep quality because coffee contains caffeine that can make us have trouble sleeping. Especially for the type of black coffee is concentrated. Therefore, how to overcome this last insomnia sleep disorder I suggest you avoid the consumption of coffee. Minimal avoid coffee about 5 hours before you sleep at night.

Title : How to Overcome Insomnia

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