How to Move the Game Steam to Another Computer

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How to Move the Game Steam to Another Computer
Hello buddy, have not you confused by how to move the game steam that is on your computer to a new computer or laptop ?. Or you do not have the unlimited internet to re-download ?. This time we will give you how to move the game steam for you all. We will use backup restore steam, and also how to copy and paste. But casting buddies can choose between the two options.

How to Backup Restore Game Steam

You can start by clicking on the word steam on the top right and choosing the backup and restore game option. Choose the game you want to move / backup. we use the example of Dota 2 game for this option.

Steam will tell you how many blank sizes you need for your storage. If you use DVD, you can also move files to blank DVD, steam will automatically split the file size to DVD.

After you copy the backup file from steam, you can move it to another computer. To restore, the way is almost the same as the backup process. You just need to go back to the menu on the top left of the steam and go to backup and restore.  But this time you have to choose the restore option. Then you can steam the backup folder you have moved. Furthermore steam will tell how much space is needed to restore.

If your game is not up to date it does not matter, steam will instantly download the latest patch, then the game will be ready to play.

Title : How to Move the Game Steam to Another Computer

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