How to Get Pregnant Fast

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How to Get Pregnant Fast

Which husband and wife do not want to have a baby? Surely all couples want to have offspring from their own flesh blood. However, their desire is not always realized quickly, there are up to wait 3 years, 4 years, even 7 years more to be able to have a child.

Well, if you are impatient to have children or your parents can not wait for grandchildren, here are tips quickly get pregnant after menstruation, here we present the information.

How To Get Pregnant Fast After Menstruation

1. Check HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)

This may sound familiar to your ears. HSG or hysterosalpingogram is an X-Ray test to see if there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes. Using a contrast liquid is inserted into a pipe placed through the vagina to the uterus, and then the liquid will spill into the fallopian tubes.

X-rays are then used to determine whether there is an abnormal injury or shape of the fallopian tubes and uterus, including blockage of the fallopian tubes. This x-ray test is the ultimate test to determine the presence or absence of blockage of the fallopian tubes in your body. If there is no blockage then it means you can conceive a child.

2. Consumption of fertility drugs

How to get pregnant quickly is certainly much better than the chemical way. Consume medicines made from natural herbs. Better yet if the fertilizer drug content is processed alone without a mixture of chemicals. Usually, people who want to get pregnant quickly also consume some herbs from the spice of choice.

One of the ingredients of herbs for a good to overcome the problem of fertility is honey fertilizer content.

3. Avoid stress

Stress is the cause of difficult pregnant wife. Especially when approaching the menstrual period, women tend to emotion, stress, irritability. Not only when the wife is stressed, but also when the husband is stressed then alan inhibits pregnancy. Especially if both are busy with the job and too much thinking about his job, then the stress hormone is increasing and will be difficult to get pregnant. The body automatically produces the hormone cortisol when you are stressed, cortisol hormone is not very good for women who are wanting to get pregnant or for women who are pregnant young.

Stress can arise if you feel in a hurry to get pregnant soon. Actually, it is very normal but it would be better to avoid stress when you connect. Remember, stress will make it difficult for you to get pregnant. So do not think too much about something.

4. Keep your weight

You must keep your weight if you want to get pregnant fast. Excessive weight will be difficult to get pregnant. Women with normal weight will have a higher chance of getting pregnant than obese women or overweight.

Not only women who have to maintain weight, but men also have to maintain weight, because obese men tend to have problems with sperm. Usually, obese men have few sperm counts, morphological abnormalities, and slow motility.

Excess weight is not good, less weight is also not good. Women who are thin will be difficult to get pregnant, so you must maintain the diet to have the ideal body weight and can quickly get pregnant. For women who want to get pregnant, the ideal body mass index is 20-25. If your body mass index is less than 20 or above 25 then you will be more difficult to get pregnant.

Therefore it is recommended for couples who are planning a pregnancy to diet or not overeating, regulated diet, do not eat carelessly. These include how to quickly get pregnant.

5. Check the sperm

Early sperm checking is important because 40% of infertility problems are caused by the male side. Make sure your sperm is of excellent quality because a qualified sperm will have a deeper ability to fertilize an egg. Good sperm criteria are sperm with a sufficient amount, which is at least 39 million per ejaculation or at least 15 million per milliliter, healthy and strong with good motility, has a good shape or morphology as well as normal.

6. Regular exercise

How to get pregnant fast next is to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. It can speed pregnancy. We recommend that you consume vegetables and fruits of different colors every day, green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, red peppers, apples, pear, and others.

Exercise is something that must be done by couples who are trying to get a child due to exercise then it can balance the hormone. Exercise is also a good detox process.

But you need to remember, although exercise is good for health, exercise is too heavy just make the reproductive hormones become chaotic. This can be proved by sportsmen or athletes who train hard, their menstrual cycle is irregular.

A good exercise is a sport that is done for 30 minutes every day. Try to choose a sport that is minimal injury, such as yoga, swimming, cycling, and so forth.

7. Taking vitamins

In order to quickly conceive, can also consume vitamins. This vitamin plays a role to maintain your body stamina and certainly will nourish the body. With a healthy body and has a strong stamina, then a married couple can quickly get a baby.

Vitamins do not have to be in the form of drugs, with you eating fruits, just the same as you take vitamins. Depending on what vitamins are contained in the fruit you consume. Like vitamin C in guava and oranges, vitamin A in carrots, and others.

Vitamin C can improve sperm quality, consume vitamin E and D can also increase the fertility level of men and women. In addition to vitamins, folic acid also has a role in the formation of the fetal brain tube. Women who consume folic acid then have a higher chance of pregnancy than women who do not consume folic acid.

8. Ensure ovulation

There are many symptoms of ovulation that indicate that a woman is ovulating or ovulating. Ovulation will increase at day 14 after menstruation or a few days after menstruation. By recognizing the symptoms of ovulation then you can estimate when you will ovulate. So you can determine when the exact time to connect to the possibility of getting pregnant becomes bigger.

9. Healthy lifestyle

If your husband is a smoker, you should advise your husband to have a smoking. Similarly, the habit of drinking alcohol, it can cause you difficult to get pregnant. Consuming alcohol can reduce the chances of pregnancy by 50%. In addition, the diet should be maintained. Eat a balanced diet to get a healthy pregnancy later.

10. Walking

How to get pregnant quickly next is walking, this is the most effective activity performed by women who are undergoing pregnant program.

The things above such as a good diet, regular exercise, avoid stress, and vitamin consumption must be done so you quickly blessed with a child after marriage.

Title : How to Get Pregnant Fast

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