How to Extend Hair

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How to Extend Hair

Hair is the crown for everyone, especially for women. Hair as a supporting appearance of a woman. Especially as we know that women are very guarded appearance. It has become commonplace that the woman has long hair. Therefore, the ancients often lengthen their hair. Hair in ancient times also indicates a person's status. However, beautiful and well-groomed hair is definitely everyone's dream. Hair can be a mirror and the nature of a person.

Well, talking about long hair problems, people judge as a feminine person, especially for women. Yes, but that does not mean women who have short or medium hair are not feminine. Many people crave to have long hair back after they get tired of having short hair. That way they will try to grow her hair again. Well, related to that, this article will discuss how to quickly lengthen hair in naturally.

Maybe for people will find it impossible to do a quick way to lengthen hair naturally. Because as we know that lengthening the hair takes quite a long time. In addition, everyone has different hair growth time. So, it could be one woman with another, not the same time the growth of her hair. However, as the saying goes nothing is impossible. Moreover, the way we use this is a natural way, so no need to fear because there are no adverse side effects for our bodies. In addition, the materials used are also natural ingredients. These materials include:

How To Extend Natural Hair

1. Candlenut Oil

There is no doubt that hazelnut oil is the most common natural ingredient used to lengthen hair and overcome baldness.

2. Coconut milk

Coconut milk is already known as hair fertilizer. The material used is extracted from the coconut itself.

3. Eggs

Eggs used to lengthen hair naturally are egg yolks. Egg yolks can help to nourish hair too.

4. Apple skin

As we know that on the apple, the skin is having a lot of antioxidants and polyphenols that can help to treat our hair.

5. Green tea

Green tea has a high content of antioxidants. The function of these antioxidants as a hair protector of free radicals and also blood circulation. Thus, hair can grow fertile.

Well, that's some quick way to lengthen hair naturally. However, in addition to using the way from the outside, it is important also to use the way from the inside. Using both ways is expected to get maximum results. We can consume a variety of supplements that contain vitamin B, B6, amino acids, and so forth. These vitamins can help to stimulate hair growth to be faster. So lengthening the hair within a week is not impossible.

Not only by taking vitamins alone, but we also must consume nutritious foods. These foods include eggs, beans, poultry, beef, milk, and so forth. In addition, we also must be able to treat hair well, for example, routine to wash or wash our hair and so forth. Avoid using hazardous chemicals. That's because it will make our hair becomes more fall out.

Title : How to Extend Hair

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