How to Change the Startup Program in Windows 10

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How to Change the Startup Program in Windows 10 |
Every time a Windows-based PC will build a collection of applications that run automatically when you live your laptop or PC for the first time. Some people think of this feature as a useful one, especially if they install cloud services, for example, but not all programs should run automatically. So if you feel like changing the startup program in Windows 10, there are some easy ways to do it.

Every program in the program startup list takes a minute, especially when you press the power button and your device starts up. Sometimes you will feel there is a certain pause that causes you to wait a while before finally entering the main window of Windows 10. Fortunately, this one operating system can get rid of obstacles easily.

Using Startup Manager

You can change program startup through Task Manager. It can be activated by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc above the keyboard. Alternatively, you can also press the right mouse button while highlighting the cursor on the desktop and select the Task Manager option from the menu that appears later.

Another way: right click on the Start Menu icon and select Task Manager.

When the task manager appears, this utility naturally displays the programs that are running inside the system. The details of each program are available in the lower left of the utility. If you do not want to show it all up, you can click on the "fewer details" section. Remember that the appearance of task manager when opened the first time can be different on each PC / laptop.

Now we assume that you are looking at all kinds of information about the applications running on your laptop, including information about the processes running in the background, as well as the resources that the app is using.

At the top, you will find a number of tabs, and among them, you will find a tab marked "Start-up". When the tab is pressed, there will be a list of all the applications that run exactly when you turn on your laptop or PC.

Notice the Status column above, where it shows the program that the device is running when it is turned on. This column is important because not all programs on the list automatically run when the device starts up. When a program is selected as "Disabled", it means it will not run when the device is turned on.

Dropping Startup Programs

When you see a program, then you do not want it to run when the device is turned on, then you have to remove it from the Status column. It's easy.

Right-click on the selected program, then select the Disable option from the pop-up menu that appears afterward. Apps already in the Status column list will still be there, but the "Disabled" status will not run when you start the device. To change it to "Enable", you just do the highlight then right click on the desired application, and select Enable menu.

Next thing to do is restart laptop / PC after finished with the process. Easy is not it? It basically turns off unnecessary apps when the device is turned on aims to conserve computer resources and make it boot faster.

So if you feel the boot time of the device is longer, then turn off less-needed startup programs into a way to save more resources - and then increase boot time. Thanks for reading this article How to Change the Startup Program in Windows 10.

Title : How to Change the Startup Program in Windows 10

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