How To Add Weight

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How To Add Weight

Who does not want to have a proportionate body? Everyone would want to have a body that is proportional to support the appearance in public, for that besides how to lose weight, gain weight is also one of the ways that are often sought.

Speaking of weight, of course closely related to the appetite and metabolic system of the body is higher than the average person. If you have a low appetite, of course naturally impact on your weight. As for the problem of the body's metabolic system, it is closely related to burning calories faster even at rest though (high BMR), consequently, someone who has a high metabolism will be difficult to fat even after eating a lot.

After knowing the 2 causes the body cannot be fat, now it's time we discuss how to gain weight naturally and healthy.

How To Add Weight Naturally and Healthy

1. Increase your appetite

As we know, thin people tend to have a poor appetite. For that, we need to increase appetite by taking drugs, such as honey body Griffin.

2. Snacking

Snacking is one way that is quite effective to gain weight, but one thing to note is to choose healthy snacks, such as bread.

3. Eat healthy foods

We certainly know that junk food is an unhealthy food, eat less junk food and start eating healthy foods such as low-fat beef, skinless chicken, milk, and cheese.

4. Get enough rest

If you are an avid person staying up late / late to bed, hurry to reduce the bad habits. Staying up is one of the things that makes a person thin. Ideally, a person's body takes 7-9 hours a day to rest/sleep.

5. Eat before bed

If in people who are running a diet program before bedtime is a hard ban, on the contrary to people who are running the program to gain weight before eating the bed is recommended. When we eat before bed, the nutrients from the food we consume will not turn into calories because we are not doing heavy activities.

6. Drink plenty of water (30 minutes after meals)

Expand drinking water 30 minutes after eating, this will make the body more easily absorb calories from the food we consume.

7. Stop smoking

If you are a smoker, stop smoking immediately. According to research, smoking can cause increased levels of poor metabolism, this is what ultimately makes us difficult to fat.

7 tips above is a pretty powerful tip for raising weight quickly and naturally, immediately change your lifestyle into a healthier lifestyle so you can immediately gain a balanced weight. Thanks for reading this article about How To Add Weight.

Title : How To Add Weight

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