Easy Trick Backup and Restore Game On Origin Client From EA

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Easy Trick Backup and Restore Game On Origin Client From EA
If you are a pretty hardcore gamer you will definitely have some game account in some clients like EA with Origin Client and Valve with Steam Client it. The problem is that when you want to reinstall or switch PC to another PC, you have to reinstall the games manually too, and some have to re-download the update files.
This time we provide solutions, especially for those who have an Origin account. You do not need to reinstall your games from the previous PC if you switch PCs or after reinstalling your PC.

You can also use this trick using your friend's PC where the games in their origin have been updated and ready to play. Here's how:

1. Copy all existing game files on the PC before.

In Origin, the game files are usually placed in "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games \". You can choose the games you want to re-install as well as all the games that are in the folder. Copy the game file wherever you want to external HDD, or to other partition.

2.Download and Pause Origin client

Open your Origin Client, and start downloading the games you've previously backed up. After Download runs, wait until 1 percent then pause the game download. (The 1 percent rate here means that your download is running well). Oh yes, remember well the location where you will install the game.

3. Copy the files you have previously backed up.

This step can we say game restoration or also past stage download games that usually run very long let alone the current game sizes that have tens of gigabytes. Copy the Files you have backed-up to the Origin game folder that has been set when it will start Download. Wait for all his files finished copy.

4. Resume your Game Download.

If the file copying process is complete, you can continue the download by pressing the "Resume" button on your Title Game in Origin Client. Here the download process that was only 1% will automatically resume the download but the numbers are much higher, such as 98%.

5. Check Your Game Files.

After Game is downloaded and installed, the last step you should do is check your game files. select "Repair Game" by right-clicking on the game title in your Library game.

After the above steps are completed, you can start your game. This time we tried it on Plant VS Zombie, but do not worry this way we can do almost on all games that are on Origin Client.

Title : Easy Trick Backup and Restore Game On Origin Client From EA

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