Do not Feel Panic When Faced with PC Emergency Situations

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Do not Feel Panic When Faced with PC Emergency Situations
For now, you might imagine a PC as an electronic device that does not really matter, compared to a smartphone, for example. When a virus attacks the operating system, or your monitor screen is damaged, panic will suddenly attack. You do not know what to do to deal with the situation. However panic is counter-productive when dealing with PC emergency situations.

Obviously, you can not call the police in an emergency PC situation, but you can do some things below when the PC is in emergency status.

Important files accidentally deleted
There are two important file types. One is an important type for you and another important file for the operating system. However, sometimes important files can be erased due to many factors. It could be because the system crashes causing some important files to be erased; could be because of malware or anti-virus programs that are too vigilant in detecting files.

Solution:  if you accidentally deleted an important file or document, open Windows Explorer and type the file name in the available search field in the upper right corner. You may not delete the file, but just move it to a different folder. If not found, check the Recycle Bin. Files deleted in Windows are usually still stored there. And if the last step does not work well, try some recovery software that helps you restore deleted files.

Damage to the screen
One night you're working with a laptop. Suddenly your dog asks for attention and jumps onto the laptop screen. Because the weight of your dog is very heavy, damaged your laptop screen. This is just one example where the laptop screen is damaged by a heavyweight hit.

damage to the screen solution: Make sure that only your laptop screen is broken, and not something else like the graphics card, example. If your laptop screen is damaged visually (or cracked), continue using the laptop to check if the device is running normally or not. If there is no physical damage, but the screen on the laptop is not running normally, then connect the laptop with another monitor. For that you need a port as well as an HDMI cable, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, VGA, DVI, or mini-HDMI, and an external monitor. If the result is normal when connected to an external monitor, then the display problem is not serious-serious.

As an additional note, subtle cracks will not affect the performance of the laptop screen, provided you make sure that there are no serious problems on your laptop screen. But if there is a big crack, you should immediately take your laptop to the service.

Spilled something on the PC / laptop
Yes, this is a serious matter. The liquid spilled over the keyboard, above the PC (especially if the liquid spilled over the air filter on the PC case, or above the laptop, is the main enemy of computing devices.

Solution : If liquid spills over PC, turn off the device, then disconnect all cables, components, media cards, and turn the device so that all liquid spills on the floor. If the laptop is owned, then avoid putting fluid near the screen. Then dry the spill with the cloth.

Once dry, do not turn on the PC immediately. Leave the PC at least a week and wait until the liquid is completely dry. Then pray for the PC to stay healthy. If spilled liquids are not of pure water, clean the PC using a circuit cleaner. Fluids such as tea water, milk, etc. are enemies that can cause rust.

If the liquid spills over the keyboard, you can clean the keyboard by following certain procedures .

Title : Do not Feel Panic When Faced with PC Emergency Situations

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