Dangers & Disadvantages Using Free Domain From Freenom

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Dangers & Disadvantages Using Free Domain From Freenom

Who does not know Freenom? You bloggers must be very familiar with this name. Freenom is a domain provider site for websites or blogs.

At first glance, there is nothing different from other domain providers, but it turns out Freenom offers a special domain for free to anyone. That's what made him famous. The list of free domains it provides include:

  1. .tk
  2. .ml
  3. .ga
  4. .cf
  5. .gq

List of free domain provided by Freenom.

The above domains are free for one year. For renewal, you will be charged, not free anymore. But there are so many tricks on the internet how to get a free domain from Freenom forever, but I forgot how to do ...

Behind the pleasure free, there must be a lack or bad effects behind it. Just imagine, who does not lose if sharing domain for free? Surely domain providers will lose money because they also incur costs for maintenance, servers, and the like.

Well, this time I want to share a little experience while discussing the dangers of using Freenom free domain. Not only me, there are some other bloggers who also experience this bad thing after using a free domain from Freenom.

Let's see ...

Dangers & Disadvantages Using Free Domain From Freenom

1. Blogs look unprofessional

The first shortcoming of the blog to look unprofessional. Why so?

Clear. Blog professionals would dare to spend little or much cost for the development and needs of blogging it. All he dares to sacrifice for the convenience of users and Search Engines. Monetization problem according to him later, wait when the blog is crowded or just rely on donations only.

So what happens when you use a free domain?

Not too much different for the layman, because people who still lay in the world of blogging does not know which domain free and paid, do not even understand what a domain.

But in the eyes of the bloggers, your blog looks unprofessional, even some assume mean low mean only for monetization only. It is seen from the "stingy" of the blog owner to out money and not concerned with how the future of the blog.

Especially now rampant blogs that smell like illegal phishing, adult sites, and the like that use a free domain from Freenom. Of course, this damages the free domain name.

2. Domains are hard to remember

Unlike the .com domain. Free domains from Freenom like .tk .ml .ga and such are rarely encountered in search engines, thus making people less familiar with them.

It is also influenced by the famous domain com. Lots of lay people who do not know blogging, which assumes all the domain endings are the same, that is. So what is the difficulty just paying a range of 140 thousand per year just to buy a com domain?

3. The domain can be lost ANYTIME

Email suspend domain by Freenom, for no sure reason
See the picture next to this, what do you think?

Domain Suspend

Yes, the following picture is a Gmail address to one of our Blogger buddies. Gmail it contains that the free domain .ga he used has been suspended mean removed by the Freenom. Though the domain already has traffic.

Freenom suspends the domain for reasons not in accordance with the ToS and the regulations in force at Freenom.

Not according to the rules? It is a lie. Though the blog only contains photos and pictures of beautiful natural scenery in Indonesia.

No more...

I've also created a trial blog and registered a free domain from Freenom. I fill the blog with tutorials on Photoshop. Hose 1 year over 2 months, with traffic that has reached 1.5 thousand per day, my domain is suspended. How's the pain?

So, please always be careful of its users, because your domain can be lost, anytime, anywhere, especially those who already have traffic per day above a thousand. Do not let regret come at the end.

4. Difficult to accept AdSense

Well, this one is even worse. He said, from various sources that I can both from a Private Blogging group that I follow up to the biggest Blogger group in Indonesia, since AdSense update at the end of 2017 then, Freenom domain will be very difficult once accepted by Google AdSense.

Even though, almost nothing is acceptable. Probably just a coincidence ...

Different away from the year 2016 until mid-2017 ago. I can easily register a free domain Freenom and only a few days ago, blogs have been received, full approve, without club bugs.

5. It is difficult to define webmaster targeting - resulting in the difficulty of Page one

Lastly, the articles you make are becoming more difficult to fight on page one, especially in certain countries. This is due to targeting Webmasters that customize their domains.

Examples of ml domains. ML stands for Mali. Mali is a country located in West Africa. The ml domain itself is actually a ccTLD domain, which is only devoted to the country of Mali. This we can see in the targeting section of the webmaster.

The picture above is an example of ml domain. Although the language contained in the blog is Indonesia, still Mali is the target country. Of course, this makes it difficult for you to create articles entered on page one, it could be page one in the country instead, not Indonesia.

But do not be surprised if there are still page one, because of the contents of the article quality ... Quality of the article remains to be number 1 than anything, even compared to SEO. 

Title : Dangers & Disadvantages Using Free Domain From Freenom

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