Change Windows 10 PC to HotSpot

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Change Windows 10 PC to HotSpot
Did you know that a laptop with Wi-Fi can be used as a hotspot? But does the same thing apply to a PC? A new feature in Windows 10 Anniversary Update allows you to do just that easily. And here's how to turn a Windows-based PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

How to Change Windows 10 PC to Hotspot

The first thing to do: install Windows 10 update to Anniversary Update version.

When you have changed the update settings to automatic, then most likely Anniversary Update has been obtained. The way to check it is easy. Open the Start Menu, then select Settings >>> System. Then lower the window down, in the left column, until you find "About". Click on this section and the main panel will show the version number of Windows 10 installed on the PC. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update number is 1607, so when you find the same number, you can move even further.

If the update has not been received, you can do it manually, by going back to the Settings menu and selecting Update & Security. There you will see the "Check for Updates" option. Click on that section and Windows 10 will start searching for the most recent releases of your operating system.

Setup Hotspot in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Building Wi-Fi hotspots in Windows 10 Anniversary Update is easy to do, thanks to the presence of Mobile Hotspot features. What you need to do is explore the Start Menu and choose Settings then Network & Internet and finally Mobile Hotspot.

Inside the main windows, there is a Share my Internet Connection from the drop-down menu that will appear and show the availability of WiFi (if you're using a laptop), or if the PC is connected to the router through an ethernet cable. However, if you are using a desktop PC and do not have a Wi-Fi adapter, then it is unlikely that the menu will appear, and the Mobile Hotspot feature will not work. So, note to Windows 10 desktop PC user: buy a Wi-Fi adapter first so that everything is smooth.

Step 1 prepares mobile hotspot in Windows 10
When done, all you need to do is choose the connection you want to use for the hotspot and then click on the Edit button. This is done to add a new network name and password to it. This way will not remove Login details on PC users but will help create new virtual connections from your PC to other devices. Login information provided is useful to other users who want to connect to your computer.

When it's done with it, the last step is to turn on the  Share my Internet connection with other devices options. This option can be found at the top of the Mobile hotspot settings.

Step 2 prepares mobile hotspot in Windows 10
The final step has been completed, and now you can make connections between PC and other devices like your smartphone or tablet. Easy is not it?

Possible Problems Appear

Problems that often arise mainly related to mobile hotspot setting. This is especially true when the user can not turn on Wi-Fi despite having enabled my internet connection with other devices. The solution to this problem actually varies, from one system to another. For laptop users, turning off Bluetooth will probably fix the problem. But if you are a desktop PC user and have found the issue, then we recommend you to googling to find a solution to the problem.

Title : Change Windows 10 PC to HotSpot

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