If PC / Laptop Dont Want to Boot: 4 Tips for the Expert fix it

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If PC  Laptop Dont Want to Boot 4 Tips for the Expert fix it
Maybe you're having a panic condition. The PC or laptop that is in front of you will not boot into the operating system. Though you may need it to do daily work. Then what can be done?

4 Tips for the Expert fixing Boot Problem

# 1 Check the power supply

On laptops: the problem of booting inability becomes a common problem that often arises. There are several reasons why this can happen, ranging from using the wrong power supply  (wrong voltage) to the fuse electrocution in the plug. Or it could be the power supply on the laptop failed to work.

The first thing that can be done is to make sure that the laptop battery is in power condition. If you are unsure and there is no battery charge indicator, remove the battery from the laptop and use the charger to turn on the device. Next, you also need to check the charger used. Is the charger really fit your laptop. If it is correct and still is a problem, then most likely the voltage on the power supply is different.

Second, check the fuse on the plug. Use a screwdriver to remove the fuse and replace it with a new one. But if you have a backup power cord (cable charger ), then use it. This last way is much easier to do, especially when you know the problem is not the fuse.

fix PC finally, also check the power cord. Who knows the item is problematic, especially if you often carry it everywhere. The weak side of the power cord is at the black end that connects directly to the port on the laptop. When you see a colored cable inside a black tip, then this is a good time to buy a new power cord.

On PC: Power supply on PC can also be very problematic. The first thing to check is the fuse on the plug. A fuse can also be found inside the power supply, and you may need to check it. When the LED on top of the motherboard turns on, then certainly your power supply is fine.

# 2 Check the Screen Conditions

On the laptop: when the laptop is connected to an external monitor or projector, try separating them from the device. Sometimes external monitors and projectors play a role in stopping the laptop to enter boot mode.

When the power  LED  on the laptop turns on and you can hear the sound of the hard disk rotation, but there is no picture above the screen, then certainly your laptop screen is problematic.

On the PC: not many things you can do when your PC monitor is damaged. But it will be easy - or easier - to change the monitor power cable or even replace the monitor with a newer one if it turns out the problem is on your PC monitor.

# 3 Remove the sticky Flash Disk or Memory Card

OK. Everything is related to the screen and power supply is fine, but your computer/laptop is still stuck, do not want to boot. If so, the problem may be on the memory card or USB Flash Disk that is still attached to the port card reader or USB.

# 4 Use Rescue Disc

Windows Rescue DiskIf Windows freezes will not continue, or you find a malfunction message, then use a  rescue disc. A DVD containing Windows will be useful, but you can also download it from somewhere else and then burn it or place it inside a USB Flash Disk. A  rescue disc can be used to fix problems in Windows.

Title : If PC / Laptop Dont Want to Boot: 4 Tips for the Expert fix it

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