How To Treat Uric Acid

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How To Treat Uric Acid - Uric acid is a disease that is very disturbing daily activities. This is caused by symptoms of pain, swelling, and a sense of heat in the joints due to the accumulation of uric acid that makes the sufferer difficult to move.

Before moving to peel how to treat gout, of course, it's good we must first know some foods and beverages that can cause uric acid in suffering getting worse. This is closely related to the healing process of uric acid, because it would be very useless to consume uric acid drug but do not avoid foods abstain gout.

And here are some foods that uric acid diet you should avoid:

1. Offal
Do you like to consume the stomach, tripe, gravel, liver, and other viscera? If so, immediately avoid this food if you want your gout is not getting worse.

2. Seafood
Seafood is a taboo food that must be avoided.

3. Beef
Beef contains purines and cholesterol that can trigger uric acid so this food is very obligatory to avoid.

4. Sardine
Similar to beef, sage juka has purine content that can trigger uric acid

5. Alcohol
Alcoholic beverages are drinks that can trigger increased levels of uric acid in the body

How To Treat Uric Acid With Natural Materials

1. Soursop leaves
Soursop leaf turns out to have a content that can treat gout. How to use it is quite simple, namely by eating boiled water soursop leaves fresh.

2. Leaves Sambiloto
Sambiloto leaves have excellent calcium, sodium, and potassium to treat gout. Same as soursop leaf, the bitter leaf can be consumed to ease uric acid by drinking boiled water.

3. Dayak Onions
Maybe some of you are not so familiar with this one onion. As the name implies, this onion comes from the Dayak tribe. The efficacy of the Dayak onion to treat a variety of diseases is even stated in a book entitled  Bawang Dayak: The Miraculous Wonder Tub of various karua  Ni Luh Indrawati, S.Farm., Apt. and Razimin, S.Si., Apt.

Dayak onions are usually consumed by way of dried first and then drunk like tea in general.

4. Black Honey
Black honey or commonly known as bitter honey is a honey that comes from the forest. This honey has a different taste with honey in general. Bitter honey has alkaloid content derived from the source nectar (alkaline base compounds contained in some plant species). This content is what makes black honey bitter has benefits to treat various diseases, including one uric acid.

5. Rosella Flower
Rosella flowers contain essential proteins that are useful for treating gout. You can consume them directly or boil them first.

That 5 Ways to Treat Uric Acid with Naturally Material.
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Title : How To Treat Uric Acid

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