How to Take Care of Sliding Car Doors

Read too: - How to Take Care of Sliding Car Doors -  Generally a car that uses sliding doors is the MPV class cars,

as we already know beforehand if the sliding door of this car is in need of extra care because if dent on the road will usually be difficult to fix on that day, it takes expert handling to make a broken sliding door to be good as usual, it would be nice if my friend can take care of it so well not worry about that risk.

The sliding door on the MPV car is giving a premium impression on the MPV vehicle, of course, there is some maintenance and how to make the car door to be closed and open tightly. to open the sliding door on the MPV car there are usually two ways that are automatically and manually, both ways are of course both require extra care, where the MPV car that uses automatic way on the opening system also equally require extra care.

On cars that use sliding doors are usually the MPV Premium cars, such as Honda Freed, Daihatsu Luxio, Toyota Alphard and many more. of course in addition to having sliding doors, the cars were also wrapped with the super premium body, sliding door display on the cars was indeed like a sweetener but in general its role is very important, but unfortunately, some of the owners of cars with sliding doors have not cared for sliding doors well.

The car with a sliding door is certainly more interesting than a car that uses a regular door design, although using a nice sliding door would have this car has a convenience in shifting the door, in some cars certainly use the automatic sliding door, but the treatment is actually the same that the wheel problem on sliding door. for my friend who is curious how to care for a good sliding door here are tips  How to Take Care of Car Sliding Door For Longer.

How To Care For The Car Slide Door To Stay Durable

1. Condition of Sliding Door Rail
How to Take Care of Sliding Door One of the cars is to pay attention to the condition of sliding door rails, when cleaning it should use a special lap that is more subtle because only a small dirt can affect the condition of sliding door rails, use a clean cloth to clean it do not forget to spray the special liquid like spray lubricant this thing was done to remove dirt and the rest of the lubricant. do not forget to notice also the parts in the sliding door rails there are times the dirt like leaves that enter in the sliding door rail.

2. Fat Oils
How to Take Care of Sliding Door The second car is if the first process has been done at least twice yes sob, After the cleaned rails must live we rub with a fat (a type of lubricant that contains paraffin paste), avoid the use of grease that contain oil because oil alone will make easy dust stick, do not use also spray oil for rante motor yes sob it is different, do not do the treatment by using oil to lubricate the sliding door rail because it will only quickly dirty and later will affect performance.

3. Bearing
How to Maintain the Next Car Sliding Door is checked and care for bearing conditions, If the sliding doors start to remove unusual sounds then it's time for my friend to do the bearing treatment, then bearing carefully bearing if the lubricant drips into the car body then immediately clean with soft cloth then flush with water then rinse again until dry. at the time of cleaning this bearing, buddy should be careful not to use a lubricant so dripping everywhere.

4. To Save Battery
How to Take Care of Sliding Door This time my car for sliding doors using electrical systems, as tips only sob when the engine conditions die try the sliding door do not often in open the lid, by doing open the lid on the electric sliding door on when the engine will cause dior aka aka aka decreased a lot, while in the open or on the lid should not accelerate the movement of the sliding door, let the electrical work system to work first to complete, if this is often done will certainly damage the electrical work system.

5. Avoid Conflict
How to Take Care of The Next Car Sliding Door is to reduce the impact, the clash is no hard knocks when closing the car door, with a loud bang will damage the door of the car not only the door but can result in a broken door hook or broken, just close the door slowly just usually on the modern sliding doors close the door is very easy, otherwise note also who knows there are objects near the sliding door.

One of the advantages of the sliding door on the car among them The main advantage of course more practical. Especially the way the operation is simple just by pulling the door hanger or just push the button for the electric. Compare it with ordinary door model that sometimes must be repeated because less tight and shut must be loud until engine sound. a car with a sliding door model or also called sliding door is also going to make it easier while in the parking. we often encounter some difficulties in the car parking lot because the parking lot is narrow so to open the door just trouble.

The use of car doors with sliding door model itself there are two types of options, namely the type of manual and electrical type. For the manual model does require a little power to open and close the door. while for the electric model, you will be more spoiled by simply opening the door holder that will automatically be followed by the sliding door or with the button on the dashboard of the car. one of the cars that use the sliding door is the Toyota Alphard, Toyota NAV1, Previa.Honda Freed and Nissan Serena are mostly MPV cars, so tips and  How to Care for Sliding Car Doors So that durable may be useful for my friend. Thanks for reading: How to Take Care of Sliding Car Doors article.

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Title : How to Take Care of Sliding Car Doors

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