How to take care Motorcycle

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How to take care Motorcycle - Two-wheeled vehicles or more popular two-wheeled vehicles called motorcycles are now called street kings because it dominates more highways. In addition to its relatively cheaper price than a car, the motor is also a fairly practical vehicle and more flexible to carry anywhere.

With the technology of motor engines that are getting better today, now the motor is also quite reliable for long trips such as cross-province. Try it you see now enough motor that has a larger cylinder volume and also use the cooling system as a water cooler.

How to care for a motor engine

It will always be a matter of a person who cares less and cares less about the bike. Though with a little time to take care, higher motorcare costs can be avoided. If you want a motorcycle engine more durable so that later do not spend much cost much for various reparations, the following 7 tips on maintaining motorcycle engine to be durable:

1. Tips for a new motorcycle
Do not let you not take advantage of the first dealer free maintenance on a newly purchased motorcycle. Usually, a new motor will be given free oil and also serve 3 times the way. The first is on the KM 500, the second on KM 1000 and the third at KM 2000. It is not just as a bonus, but there is a separate purpose. Because not necessarily a new motor has no errors at all in assembly. Therefore it is necessary to check immediately after a distance of 500 km on the first use, to be able to know the possibility of an error.
In addition, at the beginning of use, the machine also still need to adjust the friction with various other components. So making an early oil change (at 500 km) is very important, because the oil can still more quickly mix with various metal flakes due to friction in the engine components.

As long as it still has not reached the first 500 KM, try to keep the motor do not load a load that is too big. Try to always run your motor at the maximum speed, but slowly taken from a low speed, do not be spontaneous.

Special motor with the 4-stroke engine just pours a little oil into the exhaust. This is so that the original exhaust from your motor is more durable because it will not be easy porous. As for the 2-step motor, things like this do not need, because the exhaust will automatically be exposed to oil.

2. Tips to change motorcycle oil
The standard oil shortness used by vehicles is SAE. However, most of the oil sold in the market meets the standards for climate use in Indonesia. So you really do not have to worry about getting a standard oil that is not right for your motor. What should be considered is when the time to change the motor oil right. Things like this usually have been included in the description of the oil packaging that you buy. A Late change of oil when exceeding the kilometer of usage limit may not be good for the motorcycle engine. Oil that has passed the boundary will be nicer and not fit anymore and in conditions, much more severe the oil will be reduced.
Usually, people will change motor oil based on the duration of motorcycle usage, usually based on a matter of months. But this way is sometimes not good also for the motor machine because for certain conditions we also rarely use the motor or at other times too often. Too fast in changing the oil is a waste and too slow to change the oil is also very bad for the motor engine. Discipline in changing motor oil and based on the limit of the kilometer of oil consumption will make the motor remains always excellent.

3. Routine do tune up on a motorcycle
Tune up is very important to be able to know the possibility of some motor components wears out. Motorcycle settings may change due to various wear and tear occurring in certain parts of the machine component. Therefore should be routinely done by resetting the tune-up to the garage. Dust and dust can also settle and also affect the motor engine performance as well as will be cleaned while doing the tuneup.
Regarding when the ideal time to do the tuneup, usually on the motor manual has also been included. Usually, it is according to how many miles of motor use. But if you feel that the bike is not comfortable to use as usual, when it also you can do tuneup to the garage.

4. How to use motorcycle
Do not like to imitate the various scenes of the movie by shakes gas motor you or by doing the pull of gas spontaneously. Things like this will further accelerate wear on the part of the engine chain, on the fuel valve, on the clutch, piston and piston handlebar. Especially if you use a motor with 4-step engine technology. Motor with the 4-stroke engine is much more complicated on the fuel system part and this is the most frequently problematic.

If your motor uses manual gear, you should use the appropriate gear with the speed of your motor. If you pass the uphill road, the motor requires more power, then reduce the motor gear with a more appropriate. If the new motor starts running, do not use the 4th gear immediately, but start with gear 1. This kind of thing affects the handlebar piston, piston parts, clutch and also 4-step engine chain.

5. Wear a motorcycle for long trips
Want to travel far or out of town with a distance of 80 km or more? Better to change motor oil first. Long distances and nonstop will make the oil temperature on the engine becomes hotter, the new oil will overcome this situation to be much better. Especially for motors that do not use water cooler should always cool the engine by stopping for a moment at about 80 kilometers.

6. Maintain cleanliness of motorcycles
In order for your motor frame more durable, should be diligent to wash the motor so as not to quickly appear rust and also porous. Especially if used up in the rain.

7. Tips before the motorcycle is worn
Apply the habit of heating the motor engine first before the motor is used, if previously the motor is not used for 8 hours or more. Motor long enough not to be used then the Molina will come down again from the parts of a complicated engine and reassemble in the oil basin. This engine heating aims to return the oil again flowing parts of the machine that needs to be lubricated. Especially on a 4-step type motorcycle engine, because the motor with this type of machine is just relying on engine oil alone. Why should the motor be heated first? In order for the oil to rise and evenly throughout the entire cylinder/blog engine before the motor is given a fairly heavy load.

Should not heat the engine motor too long, just about 5 minutes. This is not good for a machine that has air conditioning. Because if the engine is alive long enough and the motor is not running, then the engine will not get enough cooling.

For the motor with type 2 machine, heating machine like this is actually not too important too. Because at the beginning of the motor engine is turned on, side oil will directly lubricate the engine cylinder parts along with fuel.

that's 7 tips to take care of motorcycle engine to be durable & prime. By applying some tips above, hopefully, your motor can be more durable and also remain excellent. And most importantly, the selling price of the motor will remain high if you want to replace it with a new motor.

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Title : How to take care Motorcycle

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