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How to take care Car - How to Take care of a True Car - For a friend who just bought a car either a new or used car must certainly need the right maintenance in addition to durable car also still looks good even though it's been long enough, many of us who have a car just hangs care to the place service monthly course, although the way it is not wrong but a lot of desail-detail of the car that can only be in the know by the owner only, both new and used cars will always need the best care.

Good on the outside of the car such as car paint glass and lights also need care many cars on the dewy lights and that too there are tips, in addition to the interior of the car should also be considered to be more durable also certainly many parts that support safety, do not forget also on parts of the machine where periodic maintenance overlooks the important thing other than that set the right time to change the oil check brakes and the important thing is to warm up the car every day before use. if the car has been rained then try to directly flush the car with the water before the buddy input into the garage lap car also with a cloth that has a smooth surface to avoid berets on the use of laps that have a rough texture.

Matic and manual car care is certainly very different, but usually only on the engine just on the outside of our opinion is still the same, the addition of features in a vehicle such as the car also will certainly make my friend give extra attention to performance and its care, always the right choice of accessories and attach it by an expert mechanic, this is done so that the car is not damaged due to the installation of additional accessories that are installed wrong especially if it has to punch the car body.

The most common thing that happens to new riders who are also not proficient is with the beret problem because of misplaced parking, for new buddy who owns a car must be a drain of the mind especially when in a narrow place and no parking attendant, but for some latest car output already has an automatic parking feature where this feature is very helpful to driving new in-park vehicle, nab following is the  Latest Tips How to Care for the Right Car .

How to take care Car

1. Keeping a Car Paint
How to Take Care of the First True Car is a painting on the paint, when we first saw the car must be on the appearance of one of which is influenced by the paint used and the quality of its paint, many factors that affect the paint become damaged, one satuny is beret on the car body usually because of misplaced parking and rubbing so try this does not happen, other than that when washing the car do not forget to use a special laundry soap for the car and do not arbitrary, laps are also used are smooth and do not damage the car paint and of course the car park with a car cover to avoid humid and hot sun.

2. Fuel Consumption
One that affects how to care for the right car is the use of fuel, without us realize the use of dirty fuels can greatly affect the performance of the engine in the car, try every trip bud already fill the fuel and fill in the official place so that there are no mixture materials that will affect the performance of the engine, fill the fuel of your car in a place of official fuel to avoid things like before.

3. Car Oil Change
How to care for the right car one of them by regularly doing the right oil change, I think my friend needs to provide a journal to remember oil change time can be in the book or the easiest is in the smartphone owned by my friend. usually, the car is the time to change the oil at the time has traveled 5000 km, but for my friend who is often exposed to traffic jam then we strongly recommend to do the turn every 7500 km do change in place of official oil change and choose the best oil for your car.

4. Water Radiator
Many of us are very forgetting about this, water radiator is also very supportive of the performance of your car, How to Care for the Right Car one of them is with the right radiator water replacement, do not use dirty water radiator and careless do not cool your car cooler filled a lot of dirt for using water at random, my friend can buy water radiator in stores that provide it should use water radiator with the brand that is recommended for your car.

5. Use of Correct Transmission
One of the tips to maintain the performance of the machine remains optimal is to use the correct transmission, for a friend who just has a car alias not too adept driving a car must necessarily need to improve the ability to be more reliable and well understood using the correct transmission car, both automatic and transparent manuals both require different handling, our suggestion for new friend to buy a car is to do the steering wheel of the car and ask for details on the correct transmission of the engine either during certain conditions.

6. Periodic Service
Do not forget to do periodic service, usually periodic also include a variety of things include Giving the exterior of the vehicle, cleaning the interior of your vehicle, change the oil, the addition of radiator fluid, battery condition checks or car batteries, brake lubrication and various complaints from the owner of the car forget the monthly service can also be made in the place to ask my friend about car for a friend who is still a layman especially for a pal who is, of course, this is very important.

Keeping your vehicle to always in top condition is important to keep your vehicle durable and durable as well as providing comfort and safety in driving. my friend can do maintenance of your vehicle regularly as stated in the owner's manual of course for you who buy this new car usually will get the book referrals, both car matic and car with manual transmission also have different treatment. a case in the transmission mode where thematic and manual has a much different pattern.

By doing the correct treatment then the car's performance will be maximal and the car component will be the longer lifetime. Damage to components or malfunction of a car system is one result of a lack of maintenance. Not infrequently due to negligence causes events such as brake failure, wasteful fuel, decreased engine performance that resulted in engine down. thereby information about  Latest Tips How to Care for the Right Car may be useful for my friend.

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Title : How to take care Car

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