How To Remove Blackheads

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How To Remove Blackheads - The problem most often complained by women in addition to acne problem is how to clean blackheads naturally, quickly, and potent. In addition to acne, blackheads are one of the disorders of the facial skin is very difficult to remove. Especially women who have oily skin, blackheads are a real danger that often arises if not cleaned regularly.

Some people who have blackheads at face then will do anyway to quickly remove blackheads, well this is what most people are wrong to overcome blackheads in the face. Many facades cleansing soap to clean up the Blackheads, this way is not necessarily able to eradicate blackheads to the roots. As a result, blackheads often reappear and even provide side effects such as dry skin. Therefore, not a few women who switch to natural treatments to remove blackheads.

Blackheads also have two types, namely blackheads commonly known as blackheads and blackheads or whitehead called. But whatever the type then, of course, must be overcome quickly to keep your face smooth and smooth. Now how to eliminate blackheads is actually very easy because only by using natural materials and traditional only routinely and consistently then this can solve the problem of blackheads on the face. By using natural ingredients the results obtained can be fairly satisfactory if you do it regularly to obtain maximum results.

How To Eliminate Blackheads Naturally and Powerfully

1. Using Lime
Lime contains vitamin C very much, it has been clinically tested to remove blackheads from inside as well as from outside the skin. Therefore, many cosmetics that use Lime as a raw material for making cosmetics good for the skin, especially oily skin is often problematic with blackheads. Perform your skin treatment that blackheads using lime by cutting the fruit into two and squeeze the water. This lime juice is used as a mask that is applied to the skin of the face, especially in areas that mangled.

Whenever you apply or apply lemon juice to your facial skin, do a gentle massage on a blackhead area. The purpose of this message is to facilitate blackheads lifted from the pores of the skin. Let stand approximately 15-20 minutes or wait until dry lemon that you apply on face. Rinse with warm water on your face. Blackheads will rise and fall with the water as you rinse your face. Your facial skin will feel smoother and without blackheads.

2. With Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera is not only beneficial to maintain the health and strength of head hair. Aloe vera is also useful for removing stubborn blackheads on your facial skin causing a feeling of not confident. Mineral content of aloe vera is indicated able to remove and remove blackheads on facial skin.

  • Use aloe vera that is smeared on your face.
  • Do not forget to do massage-massage gentle every time you apply aloe vera to your facial skin.
  • Massage, especially in areas with a lot of blackheads. This message will make the blackheads easily removed when rinsing is done on the face.
  • Let stand for approximately 25-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
You will feel yourself the efficacy of aloe vera in removing blackheads on your skin.

3. Using Tomato Fruit Mask
Another natural ingredient used to remove blackheads is tomatoes. In addition to vitamin C is very beneficial for health and freshness of the skin, tomatoes also contain vitamin E is able to remove dead skin and close the skin pores so that oil production can be suppressed and blackheads growth can be prevented. Use tomatoes as a face mask by smoothing them and mixing them with olive oil. Apply a mask of tomatoes on the face especially areas that blackheads, until the mask dries. Do rinse to feel the results of treatment how to remove blackheads naturally, quickly, and potent use of tomatoes.

4. Using Toothpaste
Toothpaste not only serves to whiten teeth but also we can use for other things that one of them is to remove blackheads. How to use toothpaste to remove blackheads is very easy that we live just dab the toothpaste on the face that mangled and gives a little message. After 10 minutes then rinse your face using clean water.

5. Using the Ice Stone
How to remove blackheads on the face is to use ice cubes. It turns out the ice cubes are also powerful enough to remove blackheads on the face. The trick is very easy that we live just paste iceberg on the face, do like a massaging movement. For better results then try to clean your blackheads first with a face mask then after that use ice cubes to shrink the pores of the face.

6. Using White Eggs
Using egg whites is one of the ingredients of natural blackheads treatment. Many people who can not stand the smell of fishy, maybe you are the same. but the use of egg whites proved able to remove blackheads quickly for a day. Based on egg white research contains several useful ingredients such as protein also amino acids. The function of proteins and amino acids is to narrow or shrink the skin pores so that oil production is not excessive. Decreased oil production will reduce the growth of blackheads. Other ingredients of egg whites are folic acid. The function of this folic acid for the skin is to refine the rough skin because of the growth of blackheads.

  • Separate the egg whites with yellow.
  • Beat the egg whites until foamy and cream-shaped ready to be applied as a face mask.
  • Before applying egg whites, remove the dirt on the face by washing the face first. Apply egg whites to the face especially on areas that blackhead while doing gentle massage for 5 minutes.
  • Leave the egg white cream until 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
Your blackheads will be lifted and lost with water when rinsing your face. How to get rid of blackheads naturally, quickly, and potent using this egg whites you should do regularly to remove blackheads from your face completely.

7. Using Kitchen Salt
The salt kitchen is usually used to flavoring cuisine, but this one spice kitchen also has other benefits that can to remove blackheads. The trick is very easy that we input 2-3 tablespoons of salt into half a basin of water. Let alone the salt dissolves by itself and does not stir, then the salt water is made to wash your face. After that, the salt that is deposited under the basin makes a scrub for the face.

From some Quick Way to Eliminate Blackheads Naturally and Powerfully above you can choose one material that you think is easy to get and make sure your skin is not allergic to the material to be used. do this way consistently and regularly to blackheads on the face immediately disappear.

In addition, you may also be able to try some natural face masks such as examples, Collina masks, and collagen seed masks.

That's 7 Ways To Remove Blackheads.
Thanks for reading How To Remove Blackheads.

Title : How To Remove Blackheads

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