How To Modify Motor To Be Faster

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How To Modify Motor To Be Faster - How To Modify Motor To Be Faster - Motor is one of the transportation tools that are practical and very easy to use. In addition, two-wheeled vehicles or the familiar in this motorbike also has a more affordable price compared to the car.

Simply drain money about 15 million and above you can already have a motor of your dreams. But make no mistake there is also a motor that has a relatively expensive price, especially for the type of motorsport with a large engine cc.

For some people, the motor is a modern lifestyle that is very decisive an appearance and able to show a person's identity. In other words, the more expensive the motor is used, the richer the motor will use. But there are also some people who are able to appreciate his positive imaginations to existing motors, which we often make a motor modification. So in other words, a mediocre motor (Standart) can be an incredible motor.

Well on this occasion erotomaniac will wet one of the discussions that are currently busy discussed by young people today, especially the automotive lovers in terms of motor modifications. In Indonesia many young children who want a motor other than others, then with the ability and a high level of imagination to appreciate his latest innovations to his iron horse, then the original motor is mediocre then it can turn into a motor outstanding.

In our country, there are many powerful modifier-modifier that dare to give new touches on a motorcycle. As in the motor body, motor suspension, and some even dare to give new touches to the motorcycle sector, which makes this bike can accelerate to be faster compared with the standard version of the motor. Well, this is very fitting for you who like with high speed or like with the motor drag that is identical with high speed.

Well automotive friend, for segmentation this time erotomaniac will review about some ways to modify the motor to make it faster and faster in running. This is definitely very suitable for you who the duck enthusiast because no longer need to buy motors with a large cc but with a small cc motor is also able to run fast by giving a few touches engine. And here are 5 Ways to Modify Motor To be Faster and faster in running.

5 Ways to Modify Motor To Faster And Fast

1. Reduce Piston Weight
How to modify the motor to make it faster the first is to reduce the weight of the piston because often the weight of the piston to make your motor engine work extra with the existing load. By reducing the weight of the engine piston you will be able to work lighter so that the rate of your motor will run faster. However, to reduce the weight of this piston you must have a calculation that fits so that your motor is able to accelerate quickly. So to get the perfect result of tension and calculations in reducing the weight of the piston should fit so that your work will get perfect results.

2. Reduce Volume of Fuel Room
Reduce the Volume of the combustion chamber into how to modify the motor to make it faster the second after reducing the weight of the piston. So if your motor has a high compression this will greatly affect the speed of the motor with the power generated. Therefore you need to increase the compression of the combustion chamber of your motor. This can be done by grinding or turning the cylinder, so the compression will be much more increased and your motor will be able to accelerate quickly. But one thing to reduce the volume of the combustion chamber must also be done with fitting because a little mistake will also affect the power and running speed of your motor.

3. Expanding the rinsing holes 
The third way to modify the motor is to expand the rinsing hole because the mixture of gas and air mixture entering the combustion chamber will affect the power of the motor. So with more gas coming in the better the gas density so that the compression is much more increased. You can also expand the flushing hole to become a lot of incoming gas. However, the expansion of the rinsing hole should be done with normal limits, which means that in expanding this rinse hole should not be too wide because it can actually make your motor engine damaged and the resulting power becomes not maximal.

4. Adding Power
To step into four in a way to modify the motor to make it faster is to add electric power to your motor. Due to the motor that is still in the standard state of this motor usually has a power of 6 Volts. To power your motor, you can change it to 12 Volts. By converting electric power into a bigger, not only your motor becomes faster but the lights on your motor will light up so it will be safe if driven at night. In addition, the lights and stop lamp will be brighter so it will facilitate the driver in a direction to follow the corresponding with your destination by giving a mark on the existing vehicle behind him.

5. Replace the Tooth Gear
The fifth way or the last way in how to modify the motor to be faster is to change the rear gear with a smaller size and lightweight so as to make the speed on the motor to be more balanced. By replacing the backward gears with smaller sizes and lighter will also affect the power generated by your motor. Substitution of the back gear is not arbitrary because if there is a little mistake will be very far on the speed and power generated on your motor. So to replace the rear gear should be done in the right way in order to obtain maximum results.

So some ways to modify the motor to make it faster and faster in running. With these 5 ways, it must be done in the right way in order to obtain maximum results. For the slightest mistake that can-can your motor machine will become damaged or in other words fail to get perfect results. Thanks for reading: How To Modify Motor To Be Faster article.

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Title : How To Modify Motor To Be Faster

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