How to Eliminate Stretch Mark

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How to Eliminate Stretch Mark - What is stretch marks? Maybe for those of you who have never experienced this disturbance somewhat unfamiliar. Often the stretch marks are associated with a type of cellulite. Though both have different meanings. If cellulite is the excess fat that looks prominently on the skin. While the stretch mark itself is stroked that arise due to a stretch of the skin of the body.

Actually, stretch marks not only appear in pregnant or postpartum mothers only but can occur in children, adolescents to adults. As for the causes caused in addition to excessive stretching of the skin is eating too many calorie foods, lack of nutrition and consumption of drugs with high steroid content. Here's how to remove stretch marks that can be done.

6 Natural Ingredients To Eliminate Stretch Marks

1. Chocolate
Eliminating stretch marks can use chocolate. You should provide an unsweetened brown powder. Make it like pasta or cream but not too liquid. Then, smeared the results of brown paste to the affected skin stretch marks. Let stand for 15-30 minutes, then rinsed with water until clean. Apply this one method after bathing regularly at least 2 times a day for 2 months.

2. Coffee
The usual coffee you drink is also beneficial both in overcoming stretch marks, especially on the thigh and abdomen. So that the results look more optimal then use smoothed coffee ores first. Means not coffee that has been brewed or sweet coffee that has been mixed with other ingredients. For the processing mix pure coffee with warm water to form a paste. Apply to the problem areas of stretch marks.

3. Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter is a type of fat derived from cocoa trees. Cocoa butter is now widely used by cosmetic manufacturers to make skin care products, such as lotions and sunblock. Use this natural ingredient to remove stretch marks on the thighs and stomach, the way is enough to rub before bed and after waking up at least 2 times a day.

4. Lemon
Natural acid content in lemons can treat skin problems, including stretch marks, burns and even acne problems. So, you need not hesitate to use lemon. How to do by splitting the lemon into 2 parts, then apply circularly on the affected stretch marks Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinsed with warm water.

5. Castor Oil
The jatropha oil which is derived from the jatropha tree and has been well known and trusted since antiquity. One is able to treat stretch marks. It is proven to contain collagen and mineral nutrients found in castor oil. The way is quite easy just by rubbing the castor oil to the impact of stretch marks. Let stand for 30 minutes

6. Sugar
You can make sugar as a natural scrub for overcoming rough skin. Evident from various types of sugar beauty products used more familiar called exfoliation process. The way to mix sugar with honey, then rub gently on the area of stretch marks after bathing. It aims to be more leverage.

That 6 Ways to Eliminate Stretch Mark Naturally.
So that can be peeled out in removing the stretch marks. The way it uses natural ingredients, so it is very safe for the consequences in your body.
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Title : How to Eliminate Stretch Mark

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