How to Eliminate Panu

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How to Eliminate Panu - Panu is one skin disorder that is very uncomfortable and unethical to look at. Panu is caused by a yeast infection that is on your face. Mushrooms will usually grow because of the moisture in your skin. This very high skin moisture will be a very effective growth environment for fungi to grow and multiply. This skin moisture is caused by poorly maintained hygiene. If you have this skin problem then you need a way to eliminate face and body panu quickly and naturally and effectively.

This one skin disorder could be anywhere. Any part of the body may have a fungal infection. Can be on the body, hands, or any part that is very humid. In ancient times, almost everyone has panu problems at the body. Even reasonable if there are people who have a panu on his body because in ancient times rarely people who realize about personal hygiene. But if in today's people are exposed to panu, then it is the most embarrassing thing. Especially if the panu is in the face that is always exposed. When exposed to a closed part then it is not a big problem. But because on the face, it will be a very serious disorder.

Here are some ways to get rid of the quick and natural scars that can be used to make you more confident without a face on your face or body.

How to Eliminate Panu with Natural Materials

1. Galangal and salt
Both of these natural ingredients are one of the combinations of ingredients that can help you to remove the face on your face. This includes a rough way to remove the panu. This method is considered as a way that will cause pain in your skin. The content of active ingredients in this galangal will make you will be free from the panu. The active ingredients of galangal combined with salt will make the fungus that grows on your face and causes panu on your face area, of course, to be dead and gone. This active ingredient will be very effective to kill the fungus that is on your face. This salt content can make mushrooms lack fluid in the body.

Not only that salt will help reduce the moisture in the growth environment of the fungus. How to use it quite easily. You just need to smooth the galangal and mixed with salt. Then you wipe your face with a panu. The use of this method is the most effective way to remove the face on your face. But you have to be patient because there are effects of pain during the use of this galangal and salt herbs.

2. Lime and sulfur
Both of these materials are a mixture of materials that are extreme enough to make the panu disappear from your face. This includes a subtle way to remove the panu. Indeed this way including the most subtle way. You can apply this mixture regularly to prevent your face from disappearing. This method will not cause side effects of pain on the face. But this way will require patience because it will take a long time.

You can apply several ways to get rid of the face and body face quickly and naturally without allowing relapse. Provided you can keep your face clean so as not to easily re-infected mushrooms.

That's Ways to Eliminate Panu.
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Title : How to Eliminate Panu

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