How to Eliminate Black Spots

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How to Eliminate Black Spots - Black spots are the most common skin problems experienced by women. For that, in addition to how to eliminate acne, remove black spots acne scars are also a much sought after, not just women, but men also experienced the same thing. Acne scars are usually will appear when the acne on the face has been deflated and also has been lost. However, this acne scar will continue to exist in the face and will continue to be there until you can do special ways to remove acne scars.
Former acne is one way the body as a form of recovery from the wound due to acne infection. While blackheads are a pile of fat that is in the area around the nose that will make you less confident and cause black spots on the area of your nose.

Well, you who have skin problems then you found several ways to remove black spots acne scars naturally and at the same time more effective. These ways you can take if you currently feel a little disturbed by the presence of black spots caused by acne scars and also blackheads that never go away. This natural way is considered the safest and most effective for those of you who have problems in your face area of black spots and blackheads.

Here is how to remove black spots acne scars naturally that you can also apply regularly to make your face back smoothly.

How to Eliminate Black Spots Acne Scars

1. Using a tomato mask
Your regular tomato made this ingredient can make you one of the ingredients that can remove black spots on your face acne scars. Tomatoes containing lycopene is very good for your skin beauty. For some people who are not familiar with tomatoes, then you should start familiarizing yourself with this one food because tomatoes are the most fitting ingredients to regenerate your damaged skin.

You can use it just by slicing tomatoes and rubbing them on facial areas filled with acne scars and blackheads on a regular basis. You can also choose to use tomato paste that you usually make ingredients to make the sauce on your favorite foods. How to make it easy enough, you can blend the tomato until smooth then you can directly use it as a mask on your face. You can wipe your face evenly until 15-20 minutes later you can rinse using clean water. Lycopene in tomatoes will help the healing process and also skin regeneration after a stubborn acne infection.

2. Using Sugar Scrub
Sugar that you often use as a sweetener in a variety of foods and beverages is apparently can help you embody the face of your dreams are cleaner and also fresher. Especially for those of you who have black spots on the face and also blackheads that exist in the area of the nose. You can make your own scrubs at home. This rough sugar texture is very effective to remove dead skin cells and also dirt that clogs your facial skin.

How to make this scrub is very easy, you can puree a little sugar then mix it with olive oil. Well, after so you can use this herb as a mask to make your facial skin becomes more free of blackheads and also cleaner without any black spots on your face area. You can use regularly for maximum results.

That's 2 Ways to Eliminate Black Spots.
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Title : How to Eliminate Black Spots

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