How to Brighten Lips

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How to Brighten Lips - Red lips blush into a special attraction for a woman. With red lip color makes women look more beautiful maximum, and a concern for many people. Undoubtedly by having healthy red lips, it makes women appear more confident.

Various ways can be done to make the lips become red broke with fast results, one of them by undergoing beauty treatments with the expensive cost of course. Not only whiten faces that require extra care, some people even embroider their lips just to brighten and redden the lips only. Though it is very sick and at risk for health.

It would be better if you use natural ingredients to redden lips because it is very safe for the health of lips skin. By using this method is also very quick to redden the black lips on the condition you must be consistent to do this natural lip care.

Lots of ways to make your lips gored. One of them is by reddening the lips naturally. Lipsticks such as lipstick can only redden lips for a few moments to make your lips turn red, but by using lipstick your lips are not permanently red. The natural way to redden lips can use fruits or other natural ingredients.

Before we discuss any natural ingredients that can redden your lips permanently, you also need to know the cause of why the lips become black. the main cause of the lips to black is due to less care for the lips with the maximum. Lips that are red if not care well then gradually become black and not red blush again.

Small example if you do not clean the lips after using makeup, then often holding the lips can also cause the lips to black. active smokers are also one cause of the lips to black. Care of the lips in a natural way so that the lips are not black is actually very easy, just clean the lips before using makeup at night before resting. how to redden your lips naturally should use the right ingredients that are safe for your lips. Using natural ingredients is more advisable as it is safer and cheaper.

Here are some natural ingredients that you can use to lend your lips in a natural and permanent way to look red, brighter and look healthier.

How To Brighten Black Lips With Natural Materials

1. With Lime
In addition to being a natural herb for facial and acne treatments, lime can also be used as a natural ingredient to redden lips. The trick is as follows:

  • Prepare the juice of lime juice 2 - 3 tablespoons
  • Then mix a little warm water into it.
  • Then apply on your lips thoroughly and let stand for approximately 17 minutes.
  • after that rinse using warm water, do this way a day 1 to 3 times to get maximum results.

2. With Butter
How to clean the lips in a natural and permanent way can also use butter. Margarine or so-called butter also contains many natural oils that can moisturize the lips and help restore the color of the lips to a natural red. The trick is also quite easy, namely by applying butter on the lips evenly every morning, and the night before going to bed to get maximum results.

3. With Honey
Honey is a natural ingredient that has many benefits, one of them to remove blackheads of the stone on the nose. not only that, honey can also be used to make black lips become red broke naturally. You can use it by taking a little honey pure, then rub it on the lips evenly. This method will feel effective if using before bed at night. You can do this way 2-3 times a day in order to get maximum results.

4. With Avocado
Avocado has many benefits for health and beauty, one of which can be used to redden lips. this fruit is also very easy to get. The trick is to prepare a slice of avocado to taste just enough. then puree until soft, then add a few drops of olive oil into it. after that this material is ready for use to apply on your lips accompanied by a fine massage, if it seems enough, then let stand for a moment and then rinse using warm water.

5. With Rose Water
Roses are usually used as decoration was also had many benefits. one of which is able to redden the lips naturally.

  • The trick is to apply rose water that has been soaked for approximately 15-20 minutes, then apply on the lips until evenly distributed.
  • Then after that rinse using warm water.

6. With Almond Oil
The trick is very easy, namely by applying almond oil on the lip area until evenly distributed. in addition, to restore the lips to red-pink, almond oil is also useful to keep the moisture of the lips, so that the lips are not easy to dry. The Almond oil is the best ingredient to restore your lips to blush as when you were a teenager. You can buy almond oil at the nearest supermarket.

7. With Yogurt
Yogurt is not only good for the health of the body but also very good for facial beauty. How to consume yogurt and apply yogurt to the lips evenly. do this way 2-3 times a day to get maximum results.

8. With Citrus Fruit and Pomegranate
Oranges contain Vitamin C that is capable of reddening dark lips and looking cleaner. while the pomegranate has an anthocyanin content that is able to change the color of your lips to be bright and red permanently.

  • The way Blander 2-4 slices of orange and mix some pomegranates.
  • After becoming juice, pour the container and freeze into the refrigerator.
  • After becoming ice cubes, gently rub on your lips for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Do this in the morning on a regular basis to get maximum results.
In addition to how to redden the lips, it is also very important to take care of the lips every day is to avoid cracks and cracked on the lips. To keep your lips stay red naturally, and you need to prevent your lips blackening. You can apply toothpaste on the lips, do this every time before bathing. Here are some tips that we have summarized to prevent dark or black lips.

Stop Smoking, Stop Smoking Immediately! your tobacco and cigarette smoke will make your lips dark and black.

Avoid using lipstick for too long. You should also avoid using lipstick with a variety of brands, try to use one brand of lipstick only. The use of different types of lipstick continuously will make your lips become damaged.

Get used to clean the lipstick after the move. You can also apply honey on the lips every day at bedtime to keep your lips healthy.

So a quick way to redden your lips naturally and permanently that you can practice at home. Do the above tips consistently in order to get maximum results. so you no longer need lipstick treatments or with expensive lipstick just to get the red lips. hopefully, the above ways can help you to redden the lips naturally.

That's 8 Ways to Brighten Lips
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Title : How to Brighten Lips

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