Benefits of Black Onion

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Benefits of Black Onion - Who is not familiar with the benefits of black onion very much, especially for health as herbal medicine. Black onions have been very popular or well known among the public, but not many people know about the origin of this black onion.

Black garlic or black garlic is a garlic processed naturally at a certain temperature for a long time, so as to create a chemical formulation that produces black onion type with the ingredients used as pharmacological to maintain body health and body vitality.

In other words, black garlic or black onion is garlic fermented for a long time so that the fruit flesh becomes black, with a soft texture, chewy and tasty and the taste is rather sweet.

Benefits of black onion are already very popular in various parts of the world, one of which is Thailand. In this country, black onion has been used as a natural herbal remedy that is beneficial to maintain stamina and used as a powerful medicine.

Even in 2008, black onions never won a contest in New York, the USA as an alternative ingredient for health and food additives. This black onion has been widely used in upscale cuisine has even been used by renowned chefs in various countries in restaurants or five-star hotels.

Benefits of Black Onion For Health

1. As an anti-cancer
The content of chemicals in black onion believed to be anti-cancer and even eliminate cancer because it is able to eliminate cancer-causing cells. With the content of allyl sulfide is found in black onions are able to eliminate the cause of cancer.

In research, the content of PhIP in the form of HCA or heterocyclic amine is a substance that can trigger cancer such as breast cancer. From the study found a substance that is used as a carcinogen that can inhibit the growth of PhIP that causes cancer, the substance is diallyl sulfide contained in black onion. So that you still have a healthy body, then mix the black onion on every dish you.

2. Lowering high blood pressure
Benefits of black onion one of them are lowering high blood pressure. A study proves that black onions can lower high blood pressure up to 7% to 8%.

3. To lower blood sugar levels
A study has shown that black onions can lower blood sugar levels in the body. So by consuming black onions regularly then your body will always be in a healthy state.

4. As a nutrient because of low calorie
The nutrient content in black onions is very much that is useful by the body, as per 136 grams of black onion contains:

  • Vitamin C is used to meet the daily needs of the body as much as 71%
  • Calcium is used to meet the daily needs of the body as much as 25%
  • Iron is used to meet the daily needs of the body as much as 13%
  • Carbohydrates of 45 grams are used to meet the daily needs of 15%
  • Fiber of 3 grams that is useful to meet the daily needs of the body as much as 11%
Benefits of the black onion of this content will be indispensable for the body. Uniquely, in the black onion does not contain substances that are harmful to the body such as calories and saturated fats. So the benefits of black onions can protect the body from harmful substances that will cause disease in the body.

5. Lower cholesterol levels in the body
A study proves that one of the benefits of black onion is able to lower cholesterol levels in the body up to 15%. So if you want to have a healthy body then regularly consume black onion. Content in black onion is able to increase the production of insulin hormone that will be useful to lower blood sugar levels.

6. As an antioxidant that serves as antiviral and anti-bacterial
The content of black onion is very popular is useful as an antioxidant that would certainly prevent various sources of disease caused by toxins. Benefits of black onion in the body are to prevent the growth of sources of diseases such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, and worms in the body.

7. Lose weight
Obesity can be overcome with black onion because anti-inflammatory substances in black onions are able to regulate the fat in the body so it will make your body has the ideal body weight.

8. Heal a toothache
The analgesic content in black onions is able to remove bacteria that cause teeth to become unhealthy. Even with the content of substances contained in black onion nine can eliminate a toothache because as an anti-bacterial and antiviral that will eradicate all causes of a toothache.

9. As an iron metabolism
The ferroportin bladder in black onions is able to help release the iron that will be needed by proteins to improve the performance of cells in the body. So by consuming black onion then the system of metabolism in the body will be smooth.

10. Make you have long life
Indeed, the age of a person has been regulated by God, but of course with the many benefits offered by black onions can prevent the sharing of diseases that are at risk of causing death, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, cancer and other diseases.

Benefits of Black Onion For Beauty

1. Eliminate acne
Black onion is also useful to get rid of acne. The trick is to smooth 1 clove of onion, then apply on the face that there is acne and let stand for 10 minutes before bed. Then the next day will be deflated and missing acne, do this way regularly in order to get maximum results.

2. Remove blackheads
Blackheads are a dirt that lodges in the pores of the face. Usually, blackheads are in the nose, of course, this is a very disturbing thing because it can reduce the beauty. With the benefits of black onion, you can overcome blackheads excess. Simply by smoothing the black onion and rub it on an area that has excess blackheads for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Do it this way on a daily basis to have optimal results.

3. Eliminate scar stains
Another benefit of black onion in the world of beauty is to remove stains wound marks because black onion can be used as an anti-inflammatory that is able to remove cuts on the skin. Simply puree the black onion and rub it on the scar.

With a variety of benefits of onion offered this course you must make black onion as a spice or herb that must exist in your home. To process black onion is of course very easy because it can be used as a spice cook or even can be eaten directly.

As for beauty, black onion can be processed into a mask that can be used as a natural treatment that will nourish the skin so free of acne and blackheads. Better yet, black onion is able to prevent premature aging, because it is able to remove dead skin cells in the skin.

That's Benefits of Black Onion for Health and Beauty.
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Title : Benefits of Black Onion

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