10 Ways to Trim Big Cheeks with Face Gymnastics

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10 Ways to Trim Big Cheeks with Face Gymnastics
Freeliveyoung.com - Everyone has their own wishes, especially in the cheek area. for some people that chubby cheeks may be funny so chubby how cute. But some people may think that having a chubby cheek is less comfortable. Whether it's because it makes you look fat or maybe you just want to have a thin cheek. Well, it's so the human brain different mind different. But for those of you who feel less beautiful with a cheek that is copper this time, I will explain how to thin cheeks.

Well Before we go to the core of the problem, we must know in advance why our cheeks can become Big Cheeks.

The cause of Big cheeks:

  • The first must be due to obesity if we are too fat make sure the cheeks also swell.
  • Too often smoking and drinking alcohol can also make our cheeks become brittle
  • Many eat fast food and fat
  • Rarely exercise
  • Less Drinking
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Not complete calcium for his body needs
  • Too much-chewing food

10 Face Gymnastics Movement to Make Big cheeks Become a Tire

1. Chew gum
Decrease Cheeks with Chewing Gum - Chewing gum
Chew Gum or in the Indonesian language chew gum. Apparently, consume candy because in addition to calming the nerves and refreshing breath can also straighten the body and kissed cheeks. So when you guys bite chewing gum indirectly have made the jaw and cheeks exercise. The way you just have to chew candy every time you eat, but remember eating chewing gum do not overdo it later instead of tapered that there is even hurt jaw your teeth.

2. Movement XO
Facial Gymnastics for Big cheeks - X - O
Confused what it means X - O, so that you try to say X and O continuously, it can be said as facial gymnastics. When you mention the word X then afterward the two jaws will become interested and continue to strengthen and burn the fat on the cheek. Do this exercise every time you have the time. So can work while before sleeping etc.

3. Open the jaw
Make Chubby Cheeks Slim - Open mouth
Open the wide mouth as when you say the letter A but in full force. Continue to hold within seconds of closing your mouth. Well repeated for a few minutes. Do this exercise for 3x a day. Do not be too excessive because it can make your jaw become sick.

4. Lifting the cheeks
Chubby Cheeks - Raise the cheek
Try to smile while raising your cheek high. Anyway until the cheek approaches the eye. Perform such activities when you smile in a tense or awkward condition. Can also be done while closing the eyes for maximum max. Hold for a few seconds and do it repeatedly.

5. Fish Lips
Decrease cheeks with fish lips - Fish Lips
You must ta fish, try to look at his lips and try to follow lips fish with flanking your lips. Perform this fish lips until the upper and lower lips become shrunken. Then hold for a few seconds and do it repeatedly.

6. Blowing Cheeks
Blowing Cheeks to shrink chubby cheeks - Blowing Cheeks
The way you shut up, then blow like you blow the balloon and fill all your cheeks with air. Keep blowing the left cheek let stand a few minutes, after which blow the right cheek do repeatedly for several minutes.

7. Sucking Pipi
Eliminate Cheek Cheeks by sucking the cheeks - Sucking Cheeks
Pursue your lips by sucking the left and right cheeks as hard as possible. Hold this pose for a few seconds or 1 minute. Revert back to normal. Just do this exercise repeatedly. When you are having free time.

8. Lion Face
How to Quickly remove chubby cheeks - Lion Face
Open your mouth wide and stick out the tongue, make the cheeks tense until your face is also in the tense state. Hold it briefly then return it as before. Do it over and over again.

9. Facial Facial
Facial Massage to tone the face - Facial Facial
Do facial or do facial massage, do not have to go to the salon expensive - expensive. Try it yourself at home by doing a circular motion this can help ease tension and pain after doing some gymnastics face above. Remember to wash your hands first before massaging the face because otherwise our faces will be exposed to germs in the hands that can make spotty.

10. Smile and Laugh
The Ultimate Ageless Drugs - Smile
Without us realize the smile and laughable to mimic your cheeks, with lots of smiles and laughs the facial muscles will become relaxed. In addition to can be cheek also can make the face always young.

Easy is not it? you do not have to do liposuction or plastic surgery. Try to do the top facial Gymnastics from number 1 to no 10 sequentially 3 times a day for 5 - 10 minutes. In addition to doing gymnastics above that also forgot to

Other Ways to Tone the Cheeks:

  • Doing a diet program 
  • Expand Drinking water about 8-12 glasses per day
  • Sleep for a maximum of 8 hours
  • Expand Exercise
  • Many consume fruits and vegetables
  • Increase calcium intake
  • Not drinking beverages that contain lots of alcohol and soda
  • Reduce salt and sugar levels

That's 10 Tips to Decrease Your Big cheeks. Thank you for visiting do not forget to press the button like yeah when it's read. But if you think in the article above there are less favorable or you have a better way let's share and comments. 

Title : 10 Ways to Trim Big Cheeks with Face Gymnastics

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