10 Tips To Avoid Motor From Theft

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10 Tips To Avoid Motor From Theft
Freeliveyoung.com - 10 tips to avoid theft of Motorcycle - Tips To Avoid Motorcycle From Theft - The theft of Motorcycle vehicles it feels increasingly widespread, it is also equipped with more vehicles that do not have a good level of security, it is this that certainly will make the chance of crime will be increased, where the mode of theft of Motorcycle vehicles even more gradually until the mode of theft with violence.

Usually in doing the action a thief will prefer the easiest targets and the location is also safe so that they can perform the action quickly and accurately, well for a friend who has a Motorcycle vehicle then it is very important to pay attention to some important things to avoid the theft of Motorcycle vehicles, one thing that can greatly prevent the theft of Motorcycle vehicles is to improve sisitem security, in addition there are also some important things to keep your Motorcycle safely, here are  10 Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Theft of Theft should know my friend.

10 Tips To Avoid Motorcycle From Theft

1. Lock Handlebar

The first basic thing for Tips To Avoid Motorcycle From Theft is to do the key handlebar when parking a Motorcycle vehicle, this should be in the habit of my friend to always lock the handlebar motorcycle parked both in public parking and at home all, do not forget to also use the feature Secure Key Shutter to complicate the Motorcycle in the stolen, in addition to keep the Motorcycle that left in the locked parking lot handlebar and facing left (Honda Motorcycle) this will complicate the thief who wants to damage the motorcycle wash.

2. Parking lot

Choosing a parking lot is certainly a very important reason to avoid Curanmor (Motorcycle Vehicle Theft), please choose my friend choose a crowded parking lot and in the guarded by the official parking, try also when choosing a parking place my friend do not choose the back parking lot, because the place parking at the back is usually very vulnerable by theft, make sure there is also an active CCTV in the parking lot.

3. Motorcycle Lock Not Left

It is very fatal is Lock lagging motorcycle where this is very possible the occurrence of Motorcycle vehicle theft, therefore my friend should not forget about this one where my friend should not forget the Motorcycle lock, if the Motorcycle lock is still

4. Use GPS

You can also use GPS (Global Positioning System) as a very appropriate security tool for your premium vehicle, with this tool certainly my friend will be very quiet when parked his vehicle in the parking, GPS feature is also stung right for my friend who lives in the area prone to theft.

5. Side Switch Technology

Another thing you need to do is to use the Side Stand Switch Technology, where the technology is already widely applied by most motorcycles, with this feature also proved enough to thief the mercenaries to take Motorcycle, this feature will automatically make the Motorcycle die when the standard side is not in raise, but for my friend who parks this bike we strongly recommend using a double standard in order to complicate theft.

6. Additional Safeguards

Tips To Avoid Motorcycle From Theft Furthermore, by adding additional safety, where the additional security is to use a padlock or other safety, my friend can also add a padlock that is hooked on the disc brake holes on the front, or for a friend who uses a Motorcycle other than matic can use it in the back of the chain, and make sure when it will drive again to release the lock.

7. Install Alarm

For most premium Motorcycle is already there that use this feature, call it All New Honda PCX 2018 which has included an alarm for the Motorcycle, but my friend can also buy an additional alarm for your motorcycle, with a motorcycle alarm will certainly provide a sense of security when parked the Motorcycle without worry about the risk of loss, but make sure the use of a motorcycle alarm is good and does not damage the electrical Motorcycle.

8. Use Stickers

Another thing that is fairly simple but enough to give a great effect is the provision of stickers on your motorcycle, by using this sticker will certainly make a little thief think many times to steal your Motorcycle friend, where my friend can give stickers or marks identifier motorcycle or organization follow friends, in addition to sticker identifier, will make the thieves re-think to steal it also facilitate my friend in finding a motorcycle in the parking.

9. Circumstances

A smart thief will surely closely observe the location of them in action, ranging from a weak security system, a quiet place, and the easiest Motorcycle to carry, it is very important to pay attention to the circumstances surrounding when parking the vehicle, make sure also buddy not to park the vehicle in a place that is too quiet, also watch the movement of people around the park parked vehicle which also looks very suspicious in suggesting not to park the vehicle in place.

10. Insurance your Motorcycle Vehicles

The more advanced security features in fact still can be broken by the thieves, where Insurance Motorcycle vehicles are not part of the Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Theft, only with the existence of Motorcycle vehicle insurance will be helpful when circumstances that do not want to happen to the Motorcycle buddy, to buddy who bought this bike on credit will usually be included in the insurance, in contrast to my friend who bought in cash, well for my friend who plans to buy insurance for Motorcycle vehicles then choose a cheap insurance and easy to claim.

One of the Motorcycle with a pretty good alarm feature is the Honda PCX 2018 where in addition to having alarm features like motorcycle motor is also equipped with a Key Less Entry where the feature is also fairly powerful, it can be ascertained will be very difficult to break into the safety of the Motorcycle with Key Less Entry feature, it does not rule out the Premium feature will also be applied by many other automotive manufacturers, but with a note will make the price of the Motorcycle will soar.

It would be very unfortunate if the Motorcycle that my friend bought with difficulty must end up in the hands of thieves, so that care and keep your Motorcycle well with it otherwise if necessary given a good security features to minimize the occurrence of things that are not in want, so our reviews handle: 10 Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Theft may be useful for my friend who owns a Motorcycle vehicle.

Title : 10 Tips To Avoid Motor From Theft

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