Tips How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool

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Tips How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool - Tips How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool - You can say AC on the car is the most important component that supports comfort features, it can be imagined if our car air conditioner is damaged or even dead,

it would be very uncomfortable if driving a car in Indonesia with the condition of the air conditioner, it to reduce damage to the AC or at least minimize the condition then you need to do some action and maintenance so that AC can run optimally and work properly.

Almost all the new cars on the market must have been using AC either AC 2 door or 4 doors even more, surely need how to care for the correct car AC to produce air conditioner which is always excellent, one of the simple thing in keeping air conditioner clean is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the interior pal, so try if my friend was carrying something that is dirty or it has a stinging smell should turn off only AC in the Car.

In addition, some incidents that make the car air conditioner is not cold is the leakage of the hose or air conditioning pipe that is usually caused because the age of the car that is enough to need a change of air conditioning pipe, damage to the evaporator and condenser that can also be damaged by trivial example because of exposed to dirt gravel, in addition to damage to the compressor usually makes the AC part of the sound from the engine located on the compressor. then proper care is the solution.

Although there are so many places for the best air conditioning service but by doing these treatments at least make the car ac remains excellent, and of course How to care for the correct ac starts from us using the component, as we know AC Car is not too so influential on kitchen runway perfoma, there are many tips and how to care for the car air conditioner that we will pass on to my friend, well without lingering longer here are tips on how to take care of the car air conditioner to stay cool.

Tips How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool

1. Cabin Cleanliness
Tips How to Take care of the first car air conditioner is by keeping the car cabin cleanliness of dirt and dust, dirty dusty motorcycle cabin is not good for cleanliness of your car air conditioner, always try to bring clean goods and when pulling the vehicle always try to close the car window so that later there is no dirt or dust that comes in, otherwise try to clean the parts of cars like seats and other air conditioning try in the dead condition.

2. Condenser
Furthermore, in the tips caring for the correct car AC is with performance condenser, try to do periodic maintenance on the AC condenser part, if you need to wash the condesor to remove dust in the condenser attached, this very important condenser fungus usually little forgotten or even for my friend who is lazy to clean the condenser, may start with the way when washing the car take a moment to see the cleanliness of the condenser.

3. Cab Filter
Filter cabin is also very influential on the health condition of the car air conditioner, therefore you can treat it by cleaning, or when in the servicing air conditioner your friend asked about the condition of the cabin filter your vehicle, ask about the cleanliness and periodic change can be it is time to change, other than that because the installation is quite complicated then try to install the cabin filter to the repairman who is accustomed to change the cabin filter your car regularly.

4. Fragrances Room
Many do not know that air freshener can not carelessly enter into the car, many are indifferent to this and do not even know, this car fragrance is actually in the way of caring for the correct AC because not all air freshener suitable for your car, therefore we strongly recommend buying air freshener devoted to the car, do not ever use air freshener to scent your car cabin room.

5. Rpm Car
How to care for the next car air conditioner is to always keep the car RPM, small Rpm utility will also greatly affect the car ac performed, so note the trivial that can damage the AC if always wrong in using it,, not many of my friend who paid Rpm car when using the AC actually this very great effect to keep the air conditioner in good condition, so that it often check the condition of RPM of your car to avoid ac damage.

6. Periodic Service
Next to how to care for a good ac is to perform a periodic ac service, for my lazy buddy or also do not know the ac acting then performing periodic service is the most appropriate thing, do not forget although already serviced my friend must ask some element that is on the car ac buddy may need a turnover or also more care, do not hesitate also ask for tips to keep ac performed to be better and not easily damaged.

7. Right Usage
The last one in how to care for the correct car ac is to do the correct use, one of the correct use is to understand the ac features and can use it correctly, in addition on use ac also note some things, one of them is by not smoking when in the car or my friend can turn off the car AC if you want to smoke it actually we do not recommend because it will be a little bit bad effect, usually Smoke cigarettes still smell in the motor cabin.

How sob of the seven tips to care for the correct car ac above whether you can understand, of course with every car usually have a lot of difference in its ac structure, but the things above, in general, have been able to apply on every car that has AC, Ac cars that can keep the heat while being jammed on the road.

Choosing a parking in a cool place must also be an appropriate option to keep air conditioning in order to stay prima good when parking in open or closed room try to choose a place that is not dirty and smelly smelling, but also try in the garage where your car there is no smell sting and always in a clean condition, well so sob a little tips from us hopefully can be useful other than that also see some other interesting tips about motor vehicles in, hopefully information on  how to Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cold may be useful. Thanks for reading: Tips How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool article.

Title : Tips How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool

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