Tips and How to Take Care Motor Matic

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Tips and How to Take Care Motor Matic - Tips and How to Take Care Motor Matic - Trend motor Matic itself present in the year 2000 were up to now trend to buy motor Matic bigger and beat motor duck, motorsport. from year to year motor Matic always experienced an increase in sales figures.

even all motor manufacturers in Indonesia as competing to market motor Matic like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. but as we know using motor Matic requires special care.

Motor Matic care itself is actually not much different from taking care of duck motor. as well as motorcycle Duck Motor Matic do need special care from the owner, especially now motor matic has been using a lot of injection engine technology where the buddy will be required to provide extra care especially matic motor with injection technology requires extra attention than the generation of motor matic Carburetor use the importance of Tips And How To Take Care of Motor Matic.

The growth of motor matic in Indonesia alone according to a survey of transportation agencies rose 5% every year, it is increasingly proving that consumers prefer motor matic because simple and easy andTips And How to Take Care of Motor Matic, from several of its many manufacturers who sell motor matic in Indonesia such as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki Honda Bear Fi made the best-selling matic motor now with more than 984,276 units, and two dinomers have Yamah Mio with sales figures of 307,357 units and number three is Honda Vario series and below is Honda Scoopy.

If my friend matic motorcycle certainly the tips of us is very helpful and can be my friend at home so that the motor durable, by taking care of the motor well will certainly minimize the damage let alone as we know if the motorcycle trip matic dead or damaged the machine certainly not wearing, especially usually will take a long time to overcome motor matic engine damage, well here are some  Tips And How To Take Care Of Motor Matic For Durable.

Tips And How To Take Care Of Motor Matic

1. Heating Motor Every Day
Heating the motor is the way we usually do in the morning before using the motor, this is done so that the oil in the engine ready to lubricate the engine so that the performance of the engine can be more leverage, heat the motor approximately 5 minutes to 10 minutes should use kick starter only if using stater electrically will certainly reduce the batteries battery more. if you already feel enough do not forget to drag the gas so that the oil is quite hot from the engine motor.

2. Stabilize Gas Speed
Tips this time is usually often done by motor users matic that When the speed of the motor in fast conditions do not suddenly lower the gas so vice versa when the motor is in our low-speed gas directly without realizing it will damage the life of the machine. with unstable speeds open will only damage the engine but also on the Fan Belt motor, for my friend who do not know what it is Van Belt, van Belt itself as well as the chain on the motor duck or sport just made of rubber, try to change 3 years to minimize fan belt break in the street.

3. Do not Run Out Gas
Tips And How To Take Care Of The Next Matic Motor Most of us certainly refuel when the fuel is going to run out, but the severity of many motor matic users who run out of fuel, whatever the reason this is not recommended because it would be very bad for the machine, always keep your motor matic do not show the E indicator on the speedometer, and try the motor contains a full fuel to anticipate it. with motorcycles often breaking down due to lack of fuel would be very bad.

4. Oil Change Routine
This one treatment is very important and is a mandatory treatment For the oil change schedule usually the motor is done every 1000 KM and for the change of motor oil transmission (maximum oil axle) when the motor has reached 5000 KM. if my friend is difficult to calculate with the speedometer then my friend can do this routine maintenance every 2 - 3 months, do not forget also use oil that is more inclined to the motor matic specifications, by changing the oil periodically will certainly keep the engine performance.

5. AKI care
It is very difficult to know the condition of batteries that are on the motor matic, surely the motor matic users have experienced the motor experience Dead AKI, with the death of the motorcycle sure my friend will lose power from the motor but also the light will diminish, obviously when you want to turn on the motor must use the kick starter will certainly be a little trouble if thematic that my friend use has a great weight, then a little advice can replace AKI friend in 7-8 months after the last replacement.

6. Check Vanbel And Roller
Tips And How To Take Care Of The Next Matic Motor Van Belt itself as well as the chain on a motorcycle or sport duck just made of rubber, will be not produce if my friend experienced vacant belt breaks in the road, because automatically the motor cannot drive, because van belt then we strongly recommend my friend do periodic replacement to avoid it, do not forget to always use the Original Suction so make a matic my friend is guaranteed. if the motor service then always ask the condition of van belt and roller

7. Periodic Service
Tips And How To Take Care Of The Last Matic Motor Usually on a periodic motor matic service is for oil change, and cleaning the carburetor and set the motor, we advise you to ask whether the rod is still feasible, Vanbel and roller does require replacement, of course, the better if my friend uses the original parts instead of using the cheap but the quality is still questionable, do periodical service approximately 3 months to maintain the performance of your motor matic.

Menggendari motor matic certainly provide more driving than if you think using a motorcycle duck, as we know the motor matic maintenance is easy-easy one of the obligatory course is a regular service at merchants special for Tips and How to Care for Motor Matic, besides that usually after 5 years of reform engine and components will decrease otherwise it would be very appropriate if my friend upgraded alias replace a motorcycle with a new course every 5 years because after 5 years usually, the motor will very often require service and its performance will decrease.

In addition tire change if it looks thin, the use of thin tires will usually be very dangerous because the thin tire will reduce the grip tire power to the asphalt, if cleaning the motor also try to clean also the brake parts disc brakes are usually used on the front wheels make sure - interrupted in clean break, this is done so that the condition of the disc remains good. so tips from us about  Tips And How To Take Care Of Motor Matic For Durable may be useful for my friend. Thanks for reading: Tips and How to Take Care Motor Matic article.

Title : Tips and How to Take Care Motor Matic

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