This the Differences Netbooks, Notebooks, and Laptops

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This the Differences Netbooks, Notebooks, and Laptops - This the Differences Netbooks, Notebooks, and Laptops - There are several fundamental factors to know the difference of the type of portable computer is about the identification of some elements, the element is the element of specifications and also the appearance of the device. Basically either the laptop or his brother also comes from the evolution of computers, because the reason for the emergence of portable computer type because the computer actually was very heavy both the screen and also CPU, therefore emerged portable computer type or portable computer in order to facilitate to take anywhere without the hassle of spending the energy to pick it up and put it down. To better let us refer to the differences in laptops, netbooks, and notebooks in detail and easily understandable.
# 1. Differences From Name
Already we know as above that laptop, notebook, and netbook is a portable device that is not the same.The name of the third portable computer is taken from English, actually, the name of the netbook is taken from the word internet and book and be with the name netbook. There is also notebook title stands for note and book and actually in the Indonesian language can be interpreted notebook.

# 2. Differences From Screen Size

Further things we can know from how to distinguish notebooks, netbooks, and laptops are there on the size of the three types of portable computers. That we know these three devices have different screen sizes, for example, Netbook that has a screen size range of 6 to 13 inches, the next bigger is Notebook that has a screen size 13 to 18 inches, and some are larger and people usually like computers tote this one is a laptop that has a thick screen and ukuranya larger than notebook or netbook, screen size of the laptop itself is quite wide that is more than 18 inches and heavier too, for the laptop itself was wrote about 1979 and is the main idea of the computer portable.

# 3. Differences from Heavy Facets

We can know the obvious difference between laptop, netbook or notebook by knowing the weight of these three devices. First, the smallest weight of the netbook weighs less than 1 pound gram, of course, the netbook is very easy to carry anywhere because in addition to small size and also netbook is also very light to carry everywhere easier. Unlike notebooks that are slightly heavier than notebooks, the weight of the notebook is about 1.5 Kilogram to 2 Kilogram, the notebook itself has a weight that is still relatively light and easy to carry anywhere. Unlike a laptop that weighs more than two laptops like netbooks and notebooks, laptops are much heavier by more than 2 Kilograms.

# 4. Differences from Specifications and Components

Then the differences that we can identify is the difference in terms of specifications and components that exist on netbook laptops and notebooks in detail. Netbook has the smallest specs that have a processor that is not too high or processor with the middle to lower class, for the RAM from the Netbook itself is not more than 2 Gigabyte and has a less good graphics, and for operating systems or OS that usually use Windows XP and Linux just remember it has a specification that is less high so can only use a lightweight operating system just to run normally. Devices contained in the netbook include Bluetooth, Wireless Fidelity, LAN, USB and Card Rider. In addition deficiency of the netbook that does not have an Internal DVD-ROM so it can not include CD / DVD.

Notebooks have medium to high-class specifications, brands from notebook makers also affect the quality of notebook specifications. Usually, leading brands will provide a high-class type of notebooks and also provide the type of middle class, you can choose yourself want to like the specifications. From the operating system notebook itself usually uses the operating system Windows 7 or Windows 8 for the OS is the most widely used. Notebook brings Dual Core processor up to Core i7 for Intel processor base and AMD Dual Core until AMD A10 for AMD based processor. For your own graphics Notebooks use a medium VGA like Intel HD, AMD Radeon mainstream version and NVidia GT 830. The notebook can connect with Bluetooth devices, WiFi, LAN, USB, Card Rider.

Laptops are usually almost the same specification with the Notebook and most of the higher specifications of notebooks, Fixed certain type of laptop brand using Intel processor and AMD A10-5750M for AMD based processor. In addition Laptop also has a good graphics because it is supported with high VGA such as VGA AMD Dial Graphic HD8650G for graphics cards used, in contrast to a special laptop for gaming usually use VGA Nvidia GTX series or Radeon HD 8970 to be more realistic graphics and clear generated, for RAM is recommended to use the RAM above 2 GB for the laptop to run smoothly without slow.

# 5. Differences from Functions and Pros

This, in fact, depending on the wearer and should be in accordance with your needs if you want to buy this computer device because adjust needs will be easier later. Netbooks are a combination of Internet and Books, netbooks have the functionality to meet the need to access the internet, browsing and sending or writing the e-mail. Maybe it could be said netbook is very depended to the internet, if no internet presence then the netbook cannot be done gaming or watching HD movies.
Different from Notebooks that have more functionality than netbooks, Netbook itself has the utility to run an office, internet, game normal mode, multimedia, and so on. The notebook is not too dependent on the internet because netbook can still be done many things without internet.
Laptops are to be the top rather than netbooks and notebooks, in addition to the actual function of the laptop is almost the same as the notebook. The function of the laptop is for office, internet or browsing, normal mode games up to high fashion depending Specification, Multimedia and Other.

Conclusion Understanding Laptop, Netbook, and Notebook

It is for now very difficult to distinguish Laptop with Notebook which as the specifications of the two are almost the same, I think that the Notebook is an evolution of a laptop that has a model and component that is not much different from before. In addition, netbooks can be clearly differentiated with the characteristic that netbooks have a screen and a small form is also lightweight. The other difference to know the netbook is if the netbook does not have an Internal DVD-ROM.

Well enough so many articles Laptop, Notebook and Netbook Differences in detail and clear so that can be understood easily. Hopefully, it can be useful and can help you to distinguish these three things, perhaps there is something you want to ask can comment on the topic.

Thanks for reading This the Differences Netbooks, Notebooks, and Laptops.

Title : This the Differences Netbooks, Notebooks, and Laptops

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