Sports Tips How to do Slam dunk ( Leap ) technique on Basketball

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Sports Tips How to do Slam dunk ( Leap ) technique on Basketball

Understanding Slam Dunk

What is a slam dunk? A shot made by a player by jumping to the top and putting the ball directly into the basket at almost 90 degrees. - Sometimes a player will swing in a proof basket if he can really get past some opposing players who are blocking him. It also shows that the player in question is quite capable of jumping through the ring and inserting the ball into the basket as if putting the ball without throwing. This slam dunk technique will be studied by all basketball players no matter how tall they are. At least can provide 'assists' to players who can perform slam dunk movement. Anyone who can score points even if only worth 2 by way of the slam dunk, he will be the topic of conversation. Quite difficult to get through the opponent's defense and bring the ball alone to the basket and do the slam dunk appropriately and fit. The other players sometimes to the point of reflection and may feel did not think the player can do the slam dunk. The roar of fans' applause will echo in the stadium. The players who can do this slam dunk will usually be the candidate MVP (Most Valuable Player).

How to Do Slam Dunk?

Practicing a slam dunk is not a frivolous way. There is a special technique that makes a player can do without having to experience difficulties. First, make sure that the player is able to hold the ball in one hand. Slam dunk is usually done by means of one hand grabbing the basket ring and one other hand put the ball into the basket at high speed. If the palm of the hand is not too big, rather difficult to hold a large basketball is. People who have short bodies usually do not have wide palms. But still, no hope can do slam dunk origin can reach the basket. Did not rule out that with a palm that is not too wide but can hold the ball well. In order for this slam, dunk technique can be done perfectly, practice vertical jump movement. The higher the jump, the better. Feet that feels light and seemed to float will get past many opposing players and fly to do the slam dunk. Jump rope becomes one of the movements that can help jump higher. In addition to jump rope, doing squat movements can also make the foot able to jump higher. This exercise is quite painful at first. It will probably taste through the heating is sufficient. But the more often it is done, the easier it will be to jump vertically. Combine these vertical jump exercises with fast moving exercises. In order for the brain to be happy to do the slam dunk, lower the height of the basket position and adjust the height. Therefore, exercise will make more spirit because it can do slam dunk even though height is not how. At least the position of the body when doing slam dunk is fitting. Measuring footsteps from the start of getting the ball to the basket should be trained so that a good slam dunk technique can generate points.

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Title : Sports Tips How to do Slam dunk ( Leap ) technique on Basketball

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