Price below 80$ Recommend 8 Best cheap gaming mechanical keyboard 2017 you must Know !

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Recommend 8 Best cheap gaming mechanical keyboard 2017 - The mechanical keyboard is "The next level" between the rows of standard computer keyboards. This type of keyboard is very popular among gamers. Not only convenient to use but this type of keyboard also flat has a very cool design. This is what makes it a favorite among gamers. This Price below 80$ Recommend 8 Best cheap gaming mechanical keyboard 2017 you must Know!

Individual mechanic switches under each of these keyboard keys offer a million benefits and conveniences, including quick responses that offer a satisfactory click experience and of course, can speed up typing.

But the problem now is the price. The mechanical keyboard usually has a relatively expensive price. Yes, actually it is not strange anymore if this type of keyboard has a high price, considering the features offered are also very diverse and very useful.

Here is a list of cheap mechanical keyboards with price below 80 $ 

1. Redragon K552 
Price Range: 37-40 $

Best Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 2017 - Freeliveyoung - Redragon K552

Redragon K552 is one of the best mechanical keyboards on this list, this keyboard has amazing features and low price. Although the price is quite low, you can still get the same quality with other classical mechanical keyboards.

The Redragon K552 keyboard is adorned with red LED lights that make every button on this keyboard look glowing and conspicuous. This keyboard is coated aluminum and ABS which will produce a combination of weight and resistance to water.

  • Durable design and water resistant Low 
  • price 
  • Solid tactile blue switches 
  • The font is not interesting 

2. AULA LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Price Range: 22 - 25$

Best Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 2017 - Freeliveyoung - LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboarda AULA LED Mechanical Keyboard

This gives the tenkeyless feature (the absence of numeric keypad). This keyboard is also decorated with eight kinds of LED light, but unfortunately, this keyboard is not supported for RGB customization so the color on this keyboard cannot be changed at will.

  • Cheap price 
  • Windows key lock 
  • Absence of armrests 
  • No custom RGB 

3. Tomoko Blue Switch 104-Key LED Mechanical Keyboard 
Price Range:  51-55 $

Best Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 2017 - Freeliveyoung - Tomoko Blue Switch 104-Key LED Mechanical Keyboard

This one keyboard has 104 key mechas (including some shortcut keys) Each button is decorated with a rainbow LED that will make each button look colorful. This keyboard you can customize according to taste, like lighting and pattern speed that has 9 different combinations.

  • Number pad (mechanical) 
  • Customizable rainbow LED 
  • Ergonomic design and water-resistant 
  • Switches sometimes sound noisy 
  • No color-changing LED The 
  • size is big enough to cause this keyboard requires a large enough space 

4. Logitech G610 Orion Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 
Price Range: 52-55 $

Mechanical Keyboard Best Cheap Gaming 2017 - Freeliveyoung - Logitech G610 Orion Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is a keyboard that has 104 keys, which means that its key includes some numeric keypad. If you are looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard priced under 1 million, maybe G610 is right for you, but if you choose this keyboard then you will not enjoy RGB light effects because this keyboard is not equipped with RGB light,.

  • Linear Red Cherry MX switch is great for gaming 
  • Hotkeys special media 
  • Click slightly muffled 
  • Only programmable Fn button 
  • High price tag

5. CM Storm QuickFire TK 
Price Range: 66-70 $

Best Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 2017 - Freeliveyoung - CM Storm QuickFire TK

Keyboard mechanical CM Storm QuickFire TK is one of the most popular types of mechanical keyboards. because this keyboard is the only mecha keyboard with a price of less than 1 million that carries the mechanism of Cherry Mechanical on each key.

  • Red Cherry MX suitable for gamers 
  • Voice typing which is not noisy 
  • the cord that is long enough removable 
  • The color on the keyboard is easy to peel 

6. EagleTec KG011 
Price Range: 29-35 $

Mechanical Keyboard Best Cheap Gaming 2017 - Freeliveyoung - EagleTec KG011 Eagle

Eagle KG011 is a mechanical keyboard with a full numeric keypad that combines unique color and aesthetic schemes with high-performance switches. The keyboard also has an aluminum plate on the back that makes it look conspicuous. For basic keyboards, KG011 gives you everything you need and will look good with any setup.

  • Full 104-key array with blue switch 
  • Brightness-adjustable blue LEDs 
  • Beautiful aluminum finish 
  • White button color will accumulate dirt from time to time 
  • Board is lighter and flexier than others
  • There is no place for the wrist 

7. Razer BlackWidow Stealth Keyboard 
Price Range: 59-65 $

Best Cheapest Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 2017 - Freeliveyoung - Razer BlackWidow Stealth Keyboard

Their design is named "Stealth" it combines the iconic design with a gaming switch that is not noisy so as not to interfere the user. This keyboard comes with a green LED design that you can customize with the built-in software from BlackWidow.

  • Razer Green Switches with shallow activation point (suitable for gamers) 
  • Vibrant green LED lighting 
  • Key is not noisy 
  • Unattractive 
  • font (ugly) 

Price Range: 44-50 $

Mechanical Keyboard Best Cheap Gaming 2017 - - HAV-KB378L RGB

This mechanical keyboard is arguably very pampering users because this keyboard you can customize at will with the features contained therein. This keyboard is the right choice for you who have a limited budget but want a keyboard with RGB light decoration. This keyboard supports full backlighting RGB, meaning you can customize the color choices contained in each key.

  • RGB that can be customized at will 
  • Completed key blue switch 
  • Has armrest 
  • Requires software assistance for customization purposes
  • The LED indicator on the top will always be on. 

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That's a list of 8 Best Cheap Gaming Best Mechanical Keyboard 2017, hopefully useful. Do not forget to share this information with your friends by clicking on one of the share buttons in this carriage.
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Title : Price below 80$ Recommend 8 Best cheap gaming mechanical keyboard 2017 you must Know !

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