Origin of Gasing Game

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Origin of Gasing Game
Freeliveyoung.com - Origin of Gasing Game - The traditional game is probably not widely known by most today's society. The traditional game is believed to be one of the very traditional types of games that are very old age. Although up to now is uncertain about the beginning of the history of traditional games.

Although it is not known exactly for its origin, experts believe that the game is a traditional game from Asia, especially Malay areas like Indonesia, Malaysia, and its surroundings. The Malay race is believed to be the race that created the traditional game that we know today. There are several opinions that say the emergence of a traditional game begins with the Malay coastal community. This game was originally a game that uses Berembang fruit, a kind of fruit growing on the shore. The fruit is round and can be rotated by hand.

From here then came an idea to develop this game by replicating the fruit by using a stronger material that is wood. While as a tool rotate using the aid of a rope wrapped around the handle on the top.

Others argue that the traditional game of gasing begins with a child's play using a rotated egg. Then came the idea of replacing the egg with a round wood that could be played with a rope. Actually, there are many more backgrounds that are believed to be the origin of the emergence of the traditional game of gasing. But indeed of the many stories that no one can be a benchmark for sure. So now the origin of the history of the traditional game of gasing is still a big question.

The Origin of Gasing Game

Traditional Fun Games Function In The Age of Old Age 

The traditional game of gasing is just a simple game among children. However, given its historical background, the traditional game of gasing has been played at certain moments by several ethnic groups. Especially among the Malays, the traditional game of gasing gets a pretty important place. The existence of the traditional game of gasing cannot be separated from the history and beliefs of ancient Malay society who believe there is a certain relationship between the traditional game of gasing with agriculture. In ancient times some of the Malay community used the traditional game of gasing as a medium for predicting and counting in terms of farming. At certain ceremonies, a certain gasing used to predict various things. Not uncommon rotation turning into a benchmark forecast results. But aside from being a medium in some traditional ceremonies, but the main function of the traditional game of gasing is as a vehicle for socializing. By together playing in the free time, people indirectly socialize and strengthen the relationship of brotherhood. This happens, among others, because the traditional game of gasing is not only played by children alone but among adults too many who play this traditional game, especially the grown men.

Various Names of Traditional Gasing Games

As time passes with the growing familiarity of the traditional game of gasing by the society more broadly, then the traditional game of gasing also increasingly spread to various regions, especially in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the traditional game of gasing has long been known by the public. Traditional gaming games also have different names in each area. Like for example in Java, the traditional game of gasing is better known as Gangsing, Gangsingan, Pathon, Kebehan, Panggal. In East Kalimantan called Begasing, in Sulawesi is called Maggasing, Aggasing, Paki. And there are still many more mentions of this traditional game of gasing.

Different Forms of In-Game Traditional Gasing 

Certainly with the widespread game of traditional gasing among the public, making the gasing also has different forms in each region. There is around, conical, oval, oval, flat, and so forth. In addition to the varied shapes, as well as the basic materials used to make the gasing is also certainly very diverse. Most use wood as its main material. This is because wood is a pretty strong material. While in the traditional game of gasing contest, the participants will mutually complain about them by crashing them. So in this case, strong material is an absolute requirement.

Traditional Games Gasing And How To Play It

How it works really is very simple, that is, just by wrapping a rope regularly around the stem or neck of gasing, then throw the gasing hard while pulling the rope. Then the gasing will fall to the ground and spin fast. Scientifically, gasing can rotate upright due to the gyroscopic effect. Indeed at the beginning of the top of the gasing (thrown), he will spin roughly, but after getting the right turn angle he will be able to rotate with a constant. Then once the gyroscopic effect begins to disappear, the gasing will spin again roughly irregularly before it finally falls and stops.

Contest Competition In Traditional Gasing Game

Some community groups in Indonesia play traditional gamelan games at certain times. For example the people of Demak who play the traditional game of gasing at the New Year of Muharram. But there are also those who deliberately race this traditional game of gasing. Competition of gasing is an agility gameplay. In this gasing competition, the participants can be individuals or groups. Usually, gasing will be pitted in an arena, with the provision of gasing out of the arena will be considered defeated. Here gasing will usually be hit with each other as hard as possible. The winning gate is the one that is still spinning and who is still inside the arena.

Long gasing history as one of the ancestral cultural heritage, of course, we must defend. Especially now we increasingly rarely see the traditional game of gasing. For that, we also hope that the people of Indonesia remain faithful to maintain and participate in preserving the traditional game of gasing in Indonesia.  Thanks for reading: Origin of Gasing Game article.

Title : Origin of Gasing Game

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