List of 5 Best and Fastest Android Phone Processors Today

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List of 5 Best and Fastest Android Phone Processors Today - 5 Best Android Processor Today  - Processor is a hardware that is very vital for an Android smartphone. 
A processor on android the way it works just as with the processor on the pc / laptop processor on android tasked to control the performance of a smartphone. A processor will work when given a command by the system and will immediately execute the command at a moment's notice. Some functions of the processor include:

  • Performs a mathematical calculation to execute commands provided by the system.
  • Serves to process data.
  • Manage commands that input from other hardware to create an end result.

Just as with the processor on the computer/laptop, its performance will be better if the clock speed on the processor shows a high number. Clockspeed itself is the speed of managing data on the processor.Level of speed (clock speed) on a different processor, there is only a speed of umpteen MHz up to a few GHz. Although it is a core component of a device, the processor is not an absolute determinant of whether or not the device is good, because there are other supporting factors that are not less important such as RAM and GPU.

Performance and performance on a processor are also determined by the processor system as a whole and of course what type of technology used the processor. For example, some processors have a high clock speed and a larger number of cores (cores) than Intel processors. In this case, of course, Intel processors that have better performance, although the clock speed is lower and the number of cores (cores) is less. This is because the technology used by Intel is a famous hyper thread technology has a very good performance.

Based on the number of cores on the processor, this core type consists of the single core, dual core, quad core, and octa-core. Single core is a processor with only one core only, this processor does not take much power and also not easy to heat, but this processor has a slow processing speed. A dual-core processor is a processor that has two cores, while quad-core four cores, while Octa core is a processor with the number of cores (core) 8.

As for the brand (brand), the processor has several variants of the type, call it Snapdragon, MediaTek, and others. A processor has the speed of processing data (clock speed) and also different quality. Speed on a processor will affect the performance, graphics quality and also of course battery life on an Android Phone smartphone. Then, what processors have good quality and performance? Here is a list of 5 brands and types of best Android Phone processor at this time. 

5. Tegra
Tegra processor is a processor made by NVIDIA famous company. Initially, NVIDIA had produced Quad-core Tegra 3 processors that have above average performance where other manufacturers are still busy producing Dual-core processors. Tegra 3 processor has a visual ability that can be spelled out better plus the power consumption of this processor is also less.

Tegra processor can make the performance on the core becomes more effective. This processor will adjust the number of cores that will be used with the needs of the device. In light use, the number of cores that work only one core only. Conversely, on the use of heavier applications, the number of cores that work more. Some Tegra series Tegra APX processors, Tegra APX 2600, Tegra 600, Tegra 650, Tegra 2, Tegra 3, Tegra 4, Tegra 4i, Tegra K1 and Tegra X1. 

4. MediaTek
This one processor is a processor made by MediaTek company from Taiwan. At first, this type of processor is not so well known. However, along with the development and improvements experienced, currently, MediaTek processor became one of the most widely used processors by well-known brands of Android smartphone. 

MediaTek is more priority production process that allows more loading. In addition to having excellent performance, MediaTek processor also has a relatively cheap price. 

3. Intel
Processor this one may be familiar to our ears, the processor with Intel brand usually we often encounter on a computer. But in addition to the computer, Intel has also been doing crossing to the Android platform.Intel launched processor is a processor type Intel Atom Z2460 which has clock speed 1.6 GHz. 

This processor was first made in 2012 which then combined with several other components on the Android smartphone. One of the smartphone brands in production using Intel processor is Asus. Intel processor has several advantages including:
  • It has thread technology that allows a dual-core processor to work like a quad-core processor.
  • It has temperature settings on the processor.
  • Improve the performance of processors by increasing the speed of the core in accordance with the needs of usage.

2. Exynos
Exynos is a processor manufactured by Samsung. This type of processor is more widely used on Samsung smartphone brand itself. But that does not mean only Samsung is producing smartphone android with Exynos processor, for example, Meizu which also uses this processor. Exynos is made with On-Chip System (SoC) which can make smartphone performance better. In addition, Exynos also support for gaming and graphics are also quite good.

Exynos processor itself was first used in the series Samsung Galaxy S. Series used at that time is Exynos 3 single or Exynos 3110. Exynos 3110 is equipped with single core CPU 1.0 GHz - 1.2 GHz, and GPU Power VR SGX 540. This processor is growing to become several series, including Exynos 4 Quad, Exynos 5 Dual, Exynos 5 Hexa, Exynos 5 Octa. While the latest Exynos processor is currently Exynos 8895 used by Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. 

1. Snapdragon
And finally, the Snapdragon processor. Snapdragon processor is the best Android Phone processor used by various brands of the Android smartphone today. This one processor is a product of Qualcomm that was already famous for their products that have excellent quality. Snapdragon processor itself is the best processor today with the most reliable performance and clock speed. 

Snapdragon processor also supports the graphics display with stunning quality and battery life more durable and more efficient. But on some smartphones, the performance of a fast Snapdragon actually even cause the android phone so much easier to heat.

Snapdragon 835 is the latest breakthrough from Qualcomm's manufacturer. This processor brings nano-scale design, Snapdragon 35% smaller but has a much better performance. Snapdragon 835 is also claimed to have 25% less power consumption than the previous design. This processor can meet the needs of graphics with 25% faster and has a color display that is 60 times more. Meanwhile, in terms of sound, this processor supports 3D positional audio, superior SNR, and DSD format. This technology allows audio playback with much better quality. 

That's the list of 5 best and fastest Android processor right now, hopefully useful. Please share this article with your friends by clicking one of the share buttons below. Thanks for reading List of 5 Best and Fastest Android Processors Today article.

Title : List of 5 Best and Fastest Android Phone Processors Today

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