How to Win Battle War in COC with Powerful Strategy

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How to Win Battle War in COC with Powerful Strategy - How to Easily Win a Game COC (Clash of Clans) with Strategy War - Actually these tips and tricks will greatly assist you in completing the mission, with these tips then you can win easily. Good to survive and attack, at the time of attack you can with the optimal attack. And when it lasts then you are hard to beat so you will rise to the next level or th.

# 1. Optimize the Use of Gems
The first step you need to do in winning the clash of clans is to use gems well, did you know that gems are a green diamond currency that is difficult to obtain. Gems are in COC games, with you can build buildings and buy a variety of purposes. Therefore you need to use gems wisely and use for important things only because it is difficult to obtain.

# 2. Completing Achievements / Missions
As I discussed in point one that gems/currencies are hard to come by, there are several ways you can get gems. The trick is to complete the mission or achievements, you need to know that the more missions you can complete, the more you get trophy and gems. Therefore you need to complete the mission to get other equipment so you can win the game coc because of the defense and strong attacks.

# 3. Utilize the Forces with Precise
We must know together that in order to win the war then needed strong troops when you already have a strong army. Then you do not be afraid to attack, with a strong collaboration will create a troop that can survive and attack with a powerful. That way you can easily win the battle, you need to attack the tribe/city is still active and you can get gold and elixir that you can use to build a stronger stronghold.

# 4. Upgrade Defense / Castle
When you already have gold and elixir for upgrades, then upgrade your defense immediately to anticipate and defeat the enemies that attack your fortress. There are several things you should look for in building a strong defense and can destroy the enemy that is by:
  • Make mortar to be the main weapon and place it in the center of the castle
  • Make sure you put a powerful weapon (deadly weapon) behind the city/fortress
  • Place towers and canons around town or castle.
  • Store gold and elixir in the safest locations and around defense weapons.

# 5. Cooperation and Join with Friends
The success of the fight is also needed support from other parties, not least with you supported with other cities. You need to join the cooperation with other cities to get help in the attack and defend against the enemy, in that way you can win faster and get a strong force because it is given by various clan members if you join the clan.

Well, easy instead of winning the game coc, just so much this tutorial this time about how to win game coc when war. If my friend has a question or criticism, then can my friend convey in the comments field that I have provided. Good luck and winning games.Thanks for reading How to Easily Win a Game COC (Clash of Clans) with Strategy War.

Title : How to Win Battle War in COC with Powerful Strategy

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