How to Take Care of Motor Injection

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How to Take Care of Motor Injection - How to Take Care of Motor Injection - Having a motor is a must for certain circles. Although the price of the motor today is fairly expensive

but does not prevent anyone to have a motor that fits our needs even in accordance with our personal dreams. For some people may buy a motorcycle is a very easy thing, but to take care of a motor requires a fee that is not a bit of starting from replacing OiL every month to change the tire when the motorcycle tires have started thin / out.

It is a motor maintenance that must be done for every motor owner to the motor can always be used at any time. Well on this segmentation erotomaniac will give some Tips How to Care for Injection Motor, so that your motor performance always remain excellent and can durable long lasting. Taking care of a motor is actually very easy, but it is always in the loosen up by some people because of its busyness. However, for those of you who want your motor to stay durable and stay fit and comfortable when used any busy will definitely take the time to take care of the bike.

Especially for those of you lovers of motorcycles, surely you will always put your motor to keep appearing excellent and clean at all times. As we know along with the development of existing technology, motorcycles when in Indonesia many who get the renewal in every corner of the motor, both in terms of design, technology, and more modern features. As in the fuel supply sector in the current motors that have been equipped or using Injection Technology that will provide more maximal motor performance and efficiency of fuel consumption on the motor-motor today.

Caring for a motor with injection technology is indeed to use certain ways to make motor performance is always excellent. One little bit on the way the question, allowing your motor will be damaged as your motorcycle often strikes on the road or not perfect in doing the burning on your motor machine. In essence, taking care of the motor is aimed to maintain the performance of the motor with Injection system is to remain prime and prevent the occurrence of damage to the Injector. And for mere information for the owners of the motor, especially for those of you who have motor Injection technology, if the motor has been used and has blown a distance of 2,000 km then there are some components that need to be replaced in order to remain prime.

But for those of you who are lazy to freeze care on your injection motor, So the problem arises is the motor will not work with the maximum and wasteful of fuel. Therefore, so you are not wrong in treating your injection motor, there are several ways to take care of the motor for your motor injection remains excellent and durable. Meanwhile, the motor will also be more comfortable when used and the performance of the motor will also be more leverage. In this case, otomaniac has summarized it on the material about 7  Ways Care for Motor Injection Agar Always Prime and durable, here is the full review.

7 Ways to Take Care of Injection Motor

1. Use high-octane fuel
Using 90- to 90-degree fuel is the easiest way to take care of a motor injection because using a high-octane fuel burn will improve the combustion in your motor engine. For motors with injection technology, it is advisable to use fuel that size 90 ketas. This is because the performance of the engine will also affect, if using low-quality fuel and will leave the crust on the injection system and will cause damage to the engine components. In addition, poor quality fuels coupled with octane booster and incompatible specification will cause clogging of the injector hole.

2. Observe Battery Condition
How to take care of injection motors must also pay attention to the condition of the battery, because the motor with injection technology is very dependent on the condition of the battery as the engine life in the combustion system. Untu that for those of you who have a motor with injection technology should often check the condition of the motorcycle battery so that battery always stays awake. And if the water battery is less, add a water battery that stout on the market. But if the battery has not produced a maximum electric current, we suggest you better replace battery Motor Injection you, before the battery is really damaged. So in the treatment of battery Injection motor is very important, because the battery is the source of electricity for the livelihood system Burning (Injection).

3. Replace Oil Regularly
In the way of treating motor Injection Oil is also a routine activity that must often be replaced every 2 months or when the motor has traveled a distance of 1000 km. We also recommend not to dry your motorcycle engine because of deficiency lubricants so that the disruption of engine performance. In addition, if your motorcycle engine is often lacking lubricant can-can your motorcycle engine will get and quickly damaged because of frequent shortage or deficiency lubricants. Also, replace oil gear every 5,000 km to maximize your Gear motor injection performance. Then do not forget to also replace the stockbroker oil for your driving comfort, especially for motor matic replace your motor shock matic oil every 10.000 km or if it sounds squeal.

4. Check the ECU
Electronic Control Unit is the brain of operating system Injection on your motor. The entire unit of the injector, both the sprayed fuel duty and the inverted valve opening, is adjusted by the ECU. So if the system is disrupted then the performance of the Injector on your motor will not work as it should and can result in your motor breaking down. So how to take care of injection motor next is to pay attention to ECU (Electronic Control Unit) so that condition and performance of injector system on your motor will always work well and function properly. Well for that we recommend checking the ECU periodically to the experts like a mechanic or mechanical in order to avoid mistakes that are fatal.

5. Spark Plug Care
How to take care of the next motor injection is to consider the condition of your motorcycle spark plug. Because this spark plug is a fire lighter that is needed in the process of burning on the machine. For that check, spark plugs periodically in order to maximize combustion on the engine in the combustion chamber. Meanwhile, if there is damage to the spark plugs then the engine on the engine will not be perfect and result in a less powerful engine be even can make the motor will not light. So if your spark plug does not generate maximum fire for the combustion process on the machine, we suggest you better replace spark plug your motor with a new one for the combustion in the combustion chamber becomes more perfect.

6. Check the Fuel in the Tank
Furthermore, in how to care for injection motor is to check the fuel in the motor tank. Do not let the fuel on your motorbike run out while being driven. It can also damage the injector system in your injection motor. So do not let your motor tank empty does not contain, because if the tank on your motor is empty then the dirt contained in the tank will be easily absorbed and will inhibit the performance of the motor engine. Therefore, we recommend that every time the fuel is full or if it has been exhausted, to check the condition of gasoline on your motor, you can see the gasoline needle contained in the speedometer of your motor.

7. Perform a Periodical Service
How to take care of your injection motor next is by way of regular maintenance, ie every 3,000 km or in accordance with the book referring service. But we suggest you better routine servicing motor service every 3 months to check the condition of your motor. Or if your motor is often used better your motorbike every 1 month so that the condition of your motor remains excellent and can be durable. So after the service conditions of your motor can be better and more comfortable when used without having to worry your motor breaking down the streets.

Well, buddy automotive that's some way of treating motor injection to always be excellent and durable. Caring for the motor actually is not as tight as we imagine and not much different from taking care of a motor that uses carburetor technology. To take care of a motor should be done regularly to keep the motor comfortable when used and can be durable. Thus information on 7 Ways to Take Care of Injection Motor To Always Prime and durable, Hopefully with this information you will become more routine in taking care of your motor without having to wait for your motor damaged first. Thanks for reading: How to Take Care of Motor Injection article.

Title : How to Take Care of Motor Injection

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